How To Keep Outdoor Decorations From Blowing Over?

How To Keep Outdoor Decorations From Blowing Over

Yard inflatables are the definitive sign that the Christmas season has arrived. Halloween is quickly overtaking December as the most popular time to adorn your lawns with seasonal elements, and inflatable decorations (think larger-than-life blow-up ghosts, monsters, and more) are on the rise as a must-have during this spooky time of year. Christmas was once the main event for outdoor decor.

In the off-season, how to keep outdoor decorations from blowing over? And can they be kept so they may be used year after year? We asked the professionals for ideas on how to make the most of those yard inflatables.  

Flat Decor

Simple garden stakes made of metal, wood, or plastic are used to hold in place decorations that are flat or mostly flat, such as cardboard, plastic, and wood cutout shapes. If a decoration of this type didn’t come with a stake of its own, one can be attached to the back of the decoration, perhaps using a wooden tomato stake. If the object is made of wood, fasten it with a nail or a screw so that the bottom of the decoration shows about a foot of the stake. As deeply as you can, drive the stake into the ground. A stake that has been duct taped to the back of a plastic or cardboard decoration can be used to keep it in place. To increase the likelihood that a large, flimsy piece will stay in place during strong wind gusts, drill or poke a few holes in it. Patio Productions advises using furniture covers in conjunction with weights or sandbags for specific furniture pieces.

How To Keep Outdoor Decorations From Blowing Over
How To Keep Outdoor Decorations From Blowing Over?

Hollow Decor

If hollow decorations are weighed down from within, such as plastic animals and gnomes, they are much less likely to blow over or blow away. Look for a hole or a plugged hole in the bottom of a hollow decoration. Filling a decoration with water will help keep it in place if it is otherwise airtight and has a plug that won’t leak. Sand or gravel will work in place of that, though. Fill a hollow ornament with small rocks that just fit through the opening if it has an opening in the bottom but no way to seal it. Another option is to drill two small holes close to one another in the bottom of the object, thread a piece of twine or clothesline through both holes, tie a knot to form a loop, and stake the loop to the ground with a U-shaped garden staple hammered into the ground. See more about How To Decorate A Pumpkin Pie?

How To Keep Outdoor Decorations From Blowing Over?

This past Christmas, the wind in my house was very strong. On several occasions, the wind almost blew all my outdoor decorations down. Some will shine, dear, and some spiral trees and other things. I use the little wooden stakes you put in the field, but they are not good enough. My soil is soft and sandy, so the stakes are easy to pull out. See more about How To Decorate A Two Tiered Stand

How Do You Attach An Inflatable Decoration To The Roof?

You can tie inflatables down using clips, twine, and objects around the roof. Keep your roof clear if these aren’t sturdy enough to withstand winter storms in your area. The best inflatable decorations utilize a wooden frame that can be mounted on the roof to weigh down the decoration.

How Can Outdoor Wind Decor Be Secured?

A plastic or cardboard decoration can be secured with a stake attached by duct tape to its back. In order to increase the likelihood that a large, flimsy object will stay put during strong wind gusts, drill or puncture a few holes in it to allow wind to pass through.


Even after your inflatables have been unloaded, there are a few things you may think about while planning and decorating your show. Your inflatables can be preserved even while they are in use with a little advanced forethought.