How To Decorate A Two Tiered Stand In Easy Ways?

How To Decorate A Two Tiered Stand In Easy Ways

How to decorate a two tiered stand? My own is already decorated and is sitting in my foyer.  If you missed that tutorial, you can see how I made mine HERE, and then come back here to learn how to style it with me!

My two tier trays are the object in my house that I find the most difficult to style if you must know.  I have no idea why they present such a challenge to me.  They can be used in the kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, and even on a porch because they are so adaptable.   Why on earth would I be so intimidated by this given all the possibilities?

I looked into the methods people use to decorate their tier trays.  I thought I’d share the advice I came across with you.

Advice on what to collect and how to do it when decorating your tier tray.

To decorate your tray, choose a theme. Know the dimensions of the items you’ll need for your tray.  Calculate the tray’s height and width. Assemble a range of sizes and shapes.  Taller and leaner people are preferable.  The eye is kept twitching.  Make something taller by adding risers. Use wood, plants, or flowers to bring the outdoors inside. Include one or two statement items. Adorn in odd numbers.

We are now prepared to style our tier trays after collecting all of our decorative items.

Here are three fundamental guidelines for styling a tier tray.  No matter how many tiers you have, the same steps must be followed.

Choosing A Tiered Tray

To start, pick a tiered tray that matches your style.

There are many different varieties of tiered trays, including those with two, three, wood, metal, or painted tiers.

Simply choose one that you adore and blends in with your interior design.

The pretty metal wire three-tiered tray above is a favorite of Anne because it complements her slightly french country style.

Since my home is more of a modern farmhouse style, mine is a rustic two-tiered galvanized tray.

Picking A Theme For Styling The Tray

It’s a great idea to decorate a tiered tray for the holidays.

Holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Halloween make it simple to decorate your home with a little extra fun.

The question is, however, how many of us put up decorations for the “smaller” holidays, such as Memorial Day or the Fourth of July.

You can feel the summer holiday spirit with a patriotic tiered tray!

It might also be entertaining to decorate a tier tray for a birthday or mother’s day.

Seasons are another option for selecting a design theme for a tiered tray.

My house always appears a little empty after Christmas and after the holiday decorations have been stored.

To add some coziness to your home, why not decorate a tier tray with winter decorations?

Coordinating The Color Scheme

When assembling your tray’s decor, make sure your color schemes match.

You don’t want to have too many colors because it might start to look cluttered with all the items on your tiers being so close to one another.

Black, orange, and white are the main colors in my Halloween tiered tray. This color palette is used by a lot of items, and they all work well together to produce a consistent appearance.

Yellow, brown, cream, and green colors are used to great effect in Anne’s autumn-themed tiered tray.

Make sure your colors blend to reflect what you’d find in nature when layering so many items on each tier.

Using Anchor Or Focal Points

On the bottom level of your tiered tray, some people may advise using just one anchor piece.

But typically, I’ll add a larger anchor piece at the bottom and a second, smaller focal point at the top.

The idea is to have a larger anchor piece as the focal point of all the other decor items that will be placed around it.

So for my fall tiered tray, I used a larger Rae Dunn canister on the bottom tier and a Thankful mug and Hello Fall sign on the top tier.

For the purpose of styling this tray, I’d say all three items are anchor pieces.

I then added ornamental orbs and homemade sweater pumpkins to the area around the focal points.

But once the tier-based fall tray is finished, you can see how each of those three original items stands out as the anchor piece.

Adding Filler When Styling A Tiered Tray

The exciting part of adding filler can start once your anchor pieces are set.

Filler can take many forms! Maybe not anything, but use your imagination to add items that fit the theme of your tiered tray. Have fun with it!

I combined twine eggs, small bird’s nests, larger grapevine orbs, and small moss-covered spheres on this Easter tray.

You may have also noticed that I usually decorate my tier trays with a string of wood and twine beads. Aren’t they fun hanging from the side of this two-tiered galvanized tray in a farmhouse style?

I’ll share even more suggestions for embellishing your tiered tray later on.

Adding Greenery

Greenery is the ideal filler for all those tiny crevices and nooks if you’re looking for ways to fill in your tiers.

A small faux plant or two will occasionally be added to my trays.

But Anne really fills in all of the tiny gaps between her decorative accents in her tier-style trays, and the end result is just so lovely.

It is less expensive to divide a larger floral stem into smaller pieces that can be placed in tiny terracotta pots.

And to give this styled tray all the springtime vibes, tiny greenery and floral stems were tucked into each tier.

Vary Height & Sizes Of Decor Pieces

You don’t want every decorative item in your tier trays to be the same size. To add visual interest, vary the sizes of your pieces.

For my tiered Valentine’s Day tray, I added this tall gnome. His beard conceals the fact that he is actually the lid for a clear plastic jar.

He’s so adorable, isn’t he?

The little painted heart wood sign is then given more height by being placed in the back on top of a ceramic riser.

When building my tiered trays, I also use wood blocks as risers. Smaller pieces are easier to see when objects are raised on a block.

Since the sides of my galvanized tier tray are solid, it is difficult to see the block.

In any case, I add a few of my filler items around the wood block risers, and nobody ever seems to notice.

Repeating Items On Different Tiers

Repeat the decorative elements on various tiers of your tiered tray to maintain a unified aesthetic.

On each tier of her Easter tray, Anne placed a number of Easter eggs that had been painted with chalk as well as these incredible DIY jute-wrapped eggs.

Another tip is to put the repeated items on opposite sides and different tiers.

White ceramic houses that I placed on the bottom tier’s left side and the top tier’s right side of my Christmas-themed tiered tray were added.

On opposing sides and tiers, the little bottlebrush trees are also repeated.

Going For A Farmhouse Feel

The farmhouse decor style looks particularly good on a two-tiered stand because it is warm, traditional, and largely neutral. This style of design, according to The Spruce, is concerned with the mood that a room creates. “According to interior designer Amy Leferink, “farmhouse style” entails creating a room that is welcoming, functional, comfortable, and clean. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep this definition in mind when you’re embellishing a tray.

Is there a simple method to accomplish this? Begin with a few straightforward items you already have lying around the house, advises Bargain Bluebird Home & DIY. All kinds of containers work well, including wooden beads, tiny jars, glass jars, and even a set of measuring cups with a rustic theme. This style of design “does not take itself too seriously,” according to designer Kristen Krason, who spoke to The Spruce… Decorating with antique items like cutting boards and interesting artwork can also add character.” The key is to keep it feeling a little cozy and incorporate both functional items and pieces you already love.

Adding A Pop Of Color

A simple way to liven up your decor is to add a pop of color to a tiered stand, whether you have a maximalist, colorful home or a space that is minimalist and neutral. Use one striking color that will stand out against the rest of your decor if you’re concentrating on a small area of your home, suggests MyDomaine. Even if the rest of your decor is neutral, pale, or muted in tone, adding just one eye-catching item will accomplish the desired result and give your tray some extra personality. For instance, adding a colorful item (like a decorative blue car) to a two-tiered stand with a color scheme of creams, whites, and browns can make all the difference.

Of course, if you’re not entirely sold on vibrant hues, you can start out small with lighter shades, like soft pastels. This is a great way to try out a more daring decorating style without overdoing it or having to spend a lot of money on items you might not keep in the long run.

Choosing A Seasonal Theme

Two-tiered trays can be styled for each season: fall, winter, spring, and summer if you frequently change your decor but don’t want to do a lot of rearranging every few months. As new seasons approach, you can rely on a tiered stand to create a look that corresponds to the weather rather than having to switch out numerous decorations throughout your house. Thankfully, this decorating strategy is not too difficult. According to MyMove, you can change the produce in your two-tier stands from one season to the next by including items appropriate for the season, such as lemons for summer or pumpkins for fall. Another inexpensive way to decorate is by using things you can quickly grab at the grocery store. Of course, if you want to, you can always use the ingredients in a recipe!

Including a seasonal candle in your arrangement is another easy tip (found at Living It Country). You may prefer a fresh, fruity scent that makes you want to be outside in the sunshine during the warmer months or a warm, cozy scent that you enjoy having around during the cooler ones. Adding a candle to your stand will give it a special touch and fill your house with the aromas of the season.

Keeping It Neutral

There are numerous ways to achieve the look of a neutral, pristine, and minimalist tier stand. While it may be tempting to simply add a few white and wooden ornaments, there are a few additional factors to take into account when choosing this look. To avoid creating a one-note display, you should make sure to include various textural elements and even a few prints, advises Curated Interior. This could entail selecting a small planter with distinctive ridges or a work of art with a pattern to break up the monotony.

Without using vivid colors, you can still vary the colors you use. There is a wide range of neutral tones you can mix and match to add additional interest to your display, from deep browns that will remind you of your favorite chocolate bar to bright whites (via Homes & Gardens). You can create a neutral two-tiered stand that blends seamlessly into any interior design aesthetic, including eclectic, bohemian, Mediterranean, and modern.

Going Monochrome

Want to make a striking two-tiered stand without going overboard? Consider using just one color throughout your display. Because this decor style has a streamlined appearance, choosing a monochromatic theme can let you experiment with a color that may be brighter or more maximalist than you’re used to. It’s crucial to keep in mind the textural components in your display, just as it is with sticking to neutrals. According to Architectural Digest, considering texture will help prevent the color from feeling overly monotonous.

If you want to avoid bright colors, pay special attention to this advice. “Alyssa Kaptio, a designer, tells the magazine that when color is completely absent from a space, texture, tone, and lines become incredibly important. Here, it’s the little things that count, like discrete lighting components or the materials your decorations are made of. Additionally, keep in mind that different tones of the same color can be used to create monochrome looks. So, whether you choose something vibrant or subdued, there are many different ways to use that one color.

How To Decorate A Two Tiered Stand In Easy Ways
How To Decorate A Two Tiered Stand In Easy Ways?

Adding A Bunch Of Plants

Adding plants, whether real or fake, is one of the easiest ways to spruce up a two-tiered stand. Depending on how green-thumbed you are, a tiered tray is a wonderful opportunity to bring the outside in and incorporate a little bit of nature into your home decor. The best thing about tiered stands is that they allow those without any previous plant-care experience to start out small because they are typically small. If you’d prefer to experiment with real plants as opposed to artificial ones, try a few low-maintenance succulents or cacti.

Forbes advises keeping an eye on the amount of light your tray will receive. According to Forbes, you should choose a cast iron plant or a ZZ plant if your display doesn’t receive much sunlight. However, if you have a little more knowledge of plants, you might want to put a monstera or fiddle leaf fig on your stand. Of course, there are plenty of reasons to play it safe and select a few faux plants that look just as stylish as the real thing. The best option may be fake for those who are aware they will forget to water this natural décor.

Tossing On Some Sweet Treats

Simply add some pastries, desserts, or other sweet treats to create a tiered stand display that is both practical and attractive. They might not stay on the tray for very long, but it’s a quick and easy way to decorate for a one-time event without having to spend money on new items. To make the decor even more distinctive, Style Me Pretty suggests picking a color scheme. Keep the primary color or colors in mind and then add a complementary third hue. If you’re using minimalist shades, consider using a bolder color as the accent.

Play around with your display’s height once you’ve decided on a color scheme. Keeping everything level is an option, but mixing in some taller treats in addition to the shorter ones can add extra interest and make a statement. This may entail stacking cookies, cramming a towering cake inside, or piling a dessert atop a tiny box to elevate it. Food on a tiered stand can be turned into a centerpiece rather than a passing decoration by experimenting with how you arrange it.

Making It Cozy

In contrast to the weather outside during the cooler months, you might prefer to keep your home’s decor warm. (It makes perfect sense!) Fortunately, adding coziness to your space can be done simply by beginning with a two-tiered tray. According to The Happy Housie, putting candles, soft fabrics, and neutral colors on display is a great place to start. The candles help to create a tranquil atmosphere throughout your home, and cozier fabrics and neutral hues can help to produce textural elements that feel warm and welcoming.

There are also some current options if you’re looking for the ideal color combination that simultaneously feels warm and gentle. “Charlie Marshall, the creator of furniture shopping website Loaf, tells Homes & Gardens that terracotta, clay, and rust colors are becoming more prevalent. In spite of the fact that you can always choose traditional white, cream, or brown furnishings, there are many occasions to venture outside of these colors and adopt warm colors that feel contemporary and trendy.

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Going For A Floral Theme

It’s okay if traditional greenery isn’t quite your style. By choosing a floral theme, you can still achieve a dreamy, natural look. You can choose a flower-filled arrangement at any time of year, but spring and summer are particularly enjoyable. (But if you wanted a little happiness in the midst of winter, we wouldn’t blame you!) Fortunately, even if you don’t frequently work with flowers, decorating your two-tiered stand with them isn’t too difficult. The Spruce states that there are various ways to go about creating your floral display.

Taking the flower heads off the stems and displaying them that way is one option. Gretchen Winterkorn, a flower farmer, told The Spruce that she “pulls the heads off of flowers that are showy and have longer staying power, such as dahlias, zinnias, and strawflowers, and places them around photos, statues, and mementos that I want to highlight and make special.”” Alternately, you can decide to use dried florals as decorations if you’re less at ease splitting up flowers in this manner. The risk of having lifeless, drooping flowers in a few days is reduced by using this method, which is not only incredibly straightforward.

Getting Buzzing

Why not use a bee theme to decorate if you’re looking for a more specialized tiered tray display? This fun look can become a year-round fixture in your home thanks to readily available colors like black and yellow and a few DIY opportunities. On her YouTube channel, Liz Moore Decal and Decor offers some suggestions for those who want to get a little crafty, such as instructions for making faux honey and a small decorative beehive.

Moore uses crushed yellow eyeshadow and hot glue that has been melted down in a pot to create fake honey that will stick to a honey dipper. The finished product looks exactly like real honey! Honey dippers can have the mixture drizzled on them to make it appear as though a fresh jar of honey has just been opened. When it has dried, it makes excellent bee-inspired decor for a tier stand. Moore also turns a tiny vase into a cute beehive by painting it yellow and white and adding a sticker in the form of a honeycomb. She adds a little texture by putting some yellow flowers in the vase, creating yet another inventive DIY for a bee-themed stand.

Taking Cues From Nature

By using pieces with a natural theme, you can bring your favorite garden features inside. This could entail miniature statues and figurines of your favorite animals, such as birds, rabbits, or even squirrels, as well as low-maintenance plants like moss or fake leaves. If you don’t want to cover your tiered stand entirely in natural elements, you can still get the same effect with one or two things. Even one focal item can add additional interest and texture to a display, according to Better Homes and Gardens. They advise picking an eye-catching object, such as a particular tree branch.

The article also advises including prints, paintings, or other works of art with a naturalistic aesthetic. Their example is a framed photograph of a bird, but you are free to display any natural images that go well with the colors in your house. Additionally, if you have a few small bowls, you can use them to store shells or other trinkets from nature. Additionally, it’s an excellent way to show off any souvenirs you may have acquired. A beautiful tiered stand arrangement will always be aided by focusing on nature, whether you go for a garden aesthetic or something more tropical.

Decorating For A Specific Holiday

Try making a two-tiered display for each holiday if decorating for each season isn’t letting you switch things up as frequently as you’d like. Start with significant occasions like New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Easter, the Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas. You can also include less significant occasions like Mardi Gras, St. Memorial Day as well as St. Patrick’s Day. The frequency of updates to your two-tiered stand is ultimately up to you, but there are a few holiday decorating pointers and tricks.

According to House Beautiful, accumulating little trinkets is one way to build up a supply of decorating ideas. However, you can use this concept for any holiday. They specifically mention Christmas. For winter holidays, miniature pine trees and snowy figurines are perfect, while small faux plants and ceramic animals make for entertaining décor options in the spring and summer. The process of decorating can be made simpler by having a few options to choose from. Or, if you have some extra time, you could try working on a few do-it-yourself projects to get in the holiday spirit (source: Good Housekeeping). Making a feather wreath or using dipped taper candles as Halloween decorations are examples of this.

Creating Cute Storage

Create storage that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing to make your two-tiered tray more useful. If you drink coffee, a tiered stand is a great way to store your morning necessities without taking up too much space on your counter or in your pantry. To hold your coffee grounds, sugar, coffee pods, and other essentials, you can make some canisters yourself, as The Lovely Drawer advises. Alternatively, according to The Spruce, you can just use the stand to put all of your favorite (and most-used) mugs, cups, and even small plates on display for easy access.

Of course, a two-tiered stand isn’t just for storing necessities for coffee. Pens, markers, sticky notes, and other writing supplies can be displayed on your tray to organize a disorganized desk. Or, take all of your makeup and arrange it neatly on a multi-tiered stand to set on your vanity or atop your dresser. When using these trays as fashionable storage options, the possibilities are truly endless.

Using Candles As Decoration

What is the best aspect of using candles as decor? There are many different ways to display them. Candles can help you realize your decorating goals, whether you want a simple, neutral appearance or something extravagant, colorful, and outlandish. Plus, scented candles make your house smell as good as it looks. Take a cue from Homedit, though, and choose the room where your display will be placed before you start throwing candles on your two-tiered stand. While you can choose any room in your house, it’s important to keep in mind that each has a unique atmosphere. For example, using candles as decor in the bedroom can impart a romantic, sensual atmosphere. However, using them in the kitchen or living room can create a cozier atmosphere. You can choose the location of your candles to help you decide what kind of display to make on your tier-stacked tray.

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Therefore, do you know how to decorate a two tier stand?

One more thing: Always decorate the area around your tier tray when displaying it.  Create a vignette out of it.

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