How To Decorate Two Story Wall? A Collection Of Ideas

How To Decorate Two Story Wall A Collection Of Ideas

A large living room with high ceilings or a two-story foyer both have awe-inspiring qualities. Numerous advantages come with higher ceilings, such as making a house appear lighter and larger. When it comes time to decorate, many people who choose to have two-story rooms in their custom home start to second-guess their choice. Our custom home builders have offered some useful advice on How to decorate two story wall because decorating tall walls can be difficult.

Keeping Scale In Mind

In design, scale is crucial, especially as projects get larger. Furniture that is too large for the room or artwork that is too small both ruin a beautifully constructed custom home.  If you want to decorate a large, two-story wall, look for items that are big enough to actually fill the space. Before choosing this design element, keep in mind how expensive large-scale artwork can be.

Installing Big Shelves

If you prefer the more pragmatic side of things, you will value all the extra space that a large wall creates. Even with a two-story wall, there are plenty of storage options you can come up with for yourself.

A lot of storage issues can be solved with floor-to-ceiling shelving. While you’re at it, choose something eye-catching to avoid detracting from the aesthetic of the room. Mixing your media with the shelves or cabinets used for storage is one way to do that properly.

It will look more interesting if you divide them up into layers. In order to avoid a clash of styles, it’s beneficial to stick with the overall design of the room.

As a result, you must pay attention to the room’s color scheme. Simple ceramics should be used as decoration if you’re going with neutral tones. Additionally, you can experiment with some hanging trays or potted plants if you don’t need additional storage space.

Hanging A Large Lighting Fixture

The height is the last consideration. If you’re concerned that it will look too imposing and are unsure of how to decorate it using any of the above suggestions, you might want to consider a nice hanging light fixture. This is also among the simplest methods for enhancing the opulence and grandeur of a room.

If your two-story wall is in the living room or the foyer, it works well. The house has a Versailles-like appearance thanks to the hanging lighting. It is elaborate and old-fashioned. If the room’s design is modern, however, you should choose a pendant light with a low hanging point.

Use the second story to hang the fixture if you are decorating a two-story wall in the foyer. So, there will be a clear direction to the lighting. In addition to being a functional choice, the height point at the top will keep attention on both floors.

Additionally, you can use the upper edges of any second-floor windows to help you decide how to position the lights. Even from the outside, this will present a unique viewpoint.

The best news is that you can choose a light fixture that blends in with any style. See more about How To Decorate A Pumpkin Pie?

Don’t Over Clutter

Large pieces of art can be expensive, so many times people fill the space with smaller works. While occasionally this can be effective, most of the time the wall just looks bigger but more cluttered. When it comes to decorating two-story walls, less is more. Do not simply fill the wall space with artwork for the sake of filling it; instead, keep your pieces large. If you intend to use multiple pieces, make certain that they are still sufficiently large to be the appropriate scale for the wall height. See more about How To Decorate A Two Tiered Stand

Using Large Curtains

Almost every room requires a curtain. You might be missing out if you only use them on your windows, though. There are a variety of inventive ways to utilize curtains in your home that have nothing to do with keeping out nosy neighbors, whether you’re looking to soften the background of a room or delineate areas in a large room. 

On the other extreme from patterned accent curtains, minimalist interior designers might feel more at ease with curtain shades that match the color of their walls. By picking a window dressing that has the same color as the room’s shade, the curtain material will be seamless, and this ensures the window dressing blends into the décor without a hitch.

In order to increase the magnificence of the window and draw attention away from the two-story wall, add long curtains in front of any two-story walls that are close to large windows. By getting rid of the cluttered furniture, you can keep the area looking and feeling elegant and clean.

UsingOversized Mirrors

This advice will be extremely helpful to those of you searching for some vintage charm with large mirrors for your home decor. The distressed mirrored look of an aged mirror is the ideal way to add a vintage touch to the walls of a modern farmhouse or a classic traditional home. 

Antique mirrors with fading silvering may still be salvageable if you find them at estate sales or antique stores. The result will be a charming and uniquely crafted space that is authentic and a reflection of your personality.

You can use various themes to match the room’s theme in your decor to tell a story. A well-loved vintage mirror will still reflect light and give the space a feeling of spaciousness, but more importantly, it emphasizes the history and the narrative you want to tell about your home. You can count on it to convey your sense of style. 

It is also possible to decorate with a tall mirror in a two story foyer so that the height of the room is elicited. This mirror can be used as a statement piece by hanging it on the wall, supporting it on the floor, or putting it over the foyer table. From that point forward, the mirror should be situated at a height that enables people to check their appearance before leaving the house. See more about Awesome Dog House Decor Ideas

Try Large Chandelier

Make your two-story foyer look even more impressive by hanging a large chandelier above it. Don’t skimp on size and purchase a small chandelier because it will serve as the room’s focal point and give your entranceway a wow factor.

There are two possibilities here: whether you center the chandelier in the window where the front door is situated or whether you place the chandelier a little lower so that it can be more visible from the foyer.

The two story walls in your room can be decorated by applying the aforementioned decorating advice. To make your ledge stand out, be selective in the decor ideas you choose.

How To Decorate Two Story Wall A Collection Of Ideas
How To Decorate Two Story Wall? A Collection Of Ideas

Depending on where it is on the wall and how you want to make that area more lively and aesthetically pleasing, there are many ways to utilize the half-wall space you have.

Please feel free to browse our online store if you want to add some original wall art to your two-story wall decoration. 

Adding Wallpaper

The paper decorations are increasingly taking center stage. Home offices and workspaces no longer have sterile white walls because it has become clear that they benefit from the right mood just as much as living spaces do. Adding wallpapers to a working area can make the space feel more inviting, adding a comfortable, cozy ambiance.

It’s crucial to take your intended effect into account before selecting a particular style. Colors, patterns, surface characteristics, and structures can all affect mood and atmosphere. The criteria to be used when selecting wallpapers to be used in work areas must therefore be considered as well as analyses of various work environments and questions that lead to the right decision.

Nothing prevents your eye from extending all the way to the ceiling when you see a wallpaper that resembles a fireplace. By dividing the wall up in this way, you can keep your focus on the more prominent pieces while keeping your eye lower on the wall as a whole. No longer is the way to the ceiling just a long runway.

You can paint the white stripes under the ceiling area to match the wall color once the architectural changes are finished. You could then concentrate on the striking consoles and the fireplace material while also giving the fireplace a cleaner appearance.

It is among the most effective and improbable wallpaper decorating ideas for a two-story wall. By adding interesting and well-designed wallpaper to the room, you can really bring the whole space to life!

Decorating At Eye Level

It is common practice to design space after taking into account the components that are visible from eye level, such as furniture, artwork, decorations, etc. But it can also be equally crucial to consider what is going on outside of you as it is to consider what is going on inside.

Decorate your walls at eye level as a result, which is another straightforward idea. There’s no need to embellish the entire wall! Decorating it might seem simple because it works just like decorating a normal wall, only it will be covered by an imaginary ceiling, which will help keep things at eye level and give you some breathing space.

You can raise the eye in any room in a number of ways, some of which are listed below: 

Adding A Splash Of Color Overhead

You can plan your room with a bright blue archway rising above a mostly white interior. This room has one bright spot that serves to draw the eye upward and highlights an architectural detail that frames the room and draws attention to the high ceilings. 

Whether or not you have an archway like this in your home, you can still use the same trick to highlight doorways, pillars, or even edges of a room. The set must be carefully placed in this area, as it is in this instance, but when done right, it adds the ideal amount of sparkle.

Painting Out The Trim

You can maintain the same architectural interest throughout the room without compromising any of the room’s height or width by painting the trim the same color as the walls. In this regard, the space feels more open, more connected, and perhaps even more dramatic.

The gallery setup has been used for years for a reason. You can give the illusion that your wall space is larger by hanging art that reaches the ceiling (and occasionally, the floor).

Using Opposites To Widen The Space

Tall plants draw the eye upward, while decorative accessories can hang from the ceiling, also accentuating the height of the space. The space is made to feel spacious by combining elements that hang and extend upward.


So, do you know how to decorate two story wall?

There are many options, including using the right wallpaper, getting a light fixture, selecting a sizable and striking centerpiece, or taking advantage of the height and creating space for, well, storage items.

The “tall wall dilemma” is a real issue. So, if you’re feeling a little perplexed about how to decorate your two-story wall, know that you’re not alone. But the benefit of having similar issues to others is that you will receive lots of advice and can choose what suits your environment and your personal taste.