How To Display A Decorative Cutting Board? Tips To Use

How To Display A Decorative Cutting Board Tips To Use

Every season, our experts incorporate one or two new components into their kitchen designs. Chalkboards, milk-glass bottles, and old signage, to name a few, have all been used in the past. Cutting boards are no longer being stashed away in the pantry; instead, they are on display for all to see. How to display a decorative cutting board? 

What Do You Need To Display Decorative Cutting Boards?

To display your cutting boards, not many tools or pieces of equipment are required. In fact, the best methods frequently don’t call for any additional supplies. So, it will depend on the precise manner in which you choose to present the collection. Still, you may want to have the following items handy:

  • Your assortment of cutting boards.
  • Drill or screwdriver.
  • Wall hooks. 
  • Open shelving.
  • Food-safe mineral oil.
  • Candles, miniature plants, and cookbooks are suitable complements to your display.
  • Board stands, magazine holders, and other display racks.

Remember to be creative when finding a place to store your best cutting board; you don’t have to settle for a standard board holder.

A Cutting Board Collection: How Should It Be Displayed?

Displaying your daily utensil collection is similar to exhibiting any form of art in many ways. Each idea is a good idea and you have a few options:

  • Hang them up.
  • Placing them on kitchen shelves.
  • Put them on a tray of other accessories underneath.
  • The lower kitchen countertops should be leaning against the backsplash.
  • Create a centerpiece for the dining room table or kitchen island using a riser.
  • Put them in a wooden box or wicker basket.

How To Style Cutting Boards

Charge Plates Using The Cutting Board

Don’t be afraid to switch up the board charger on your collection board. Only Susie can purchase this handmade cutting board from Texas. Some cutting boards require an investment. You can use them all year round because they serve two purposes: cutting and eating, as well as an attractive display.

How To Display A Decorative Cutting Board Tips To Use
How To Display A Decorative Cutting Board? Tips To Use

Put The Cutting Board To Use As A Tray

For kitchen island, coffee bar, or table center decorations, the cutting board used as a tray is the ideal option. The tray’s purpose is to group objects together in a way that gives the arrangement cohesion. In this way, rather than 5–10 small decorations, you only see one small decoration with your eyes.

In my illustrations, you’ll also see candles, live or fake plants, and a few unique or special items, like pumpkins in the fall. Do not forget that some items have multiple uses. A tall plant, for instance, can add height and freshness. Because of this, some illustrations might only use 3 props.

Use Wooden Boards To Decorate Your Kitchen

I enjoy items with multiple uses! Use common household items as decorations, such as putting plates, bowls, linen, and boards in an old crate on the kitchen counter. Additionally, you can use a few pieces to make fast food, or you can decorate it with a seasonal theme.

You can also lean several cutting boards against the wall behind the stove or kitchen counter. See more about Awesome Dog House Decor Ideas

On The Shelf, Display The Cutting Board

The open type or wall shelf in the kitchen or restaurant is a great place to put the kitchen board. Key is to use a layering board! When I display collections, I like to do so in groups. White plates and wooden cutting boards, for instance, make a lovely neutral pairing. To make the area feel livelier, add some green plants next.

Kitchen Island Planks Should Be Hung

The display of smaller or ornamental cutting boards is perfect for this concept. IKEA’s organizing rods and hooks can be attached to kitchen islands or cabinets. I enjoy hanging mini garlands, potted plants, mugs, cutting boards, and tea towels from kitchen utensils.


Various suggestions for how to arrange cutting boards in a kitchen are provided in this post.

You might have received a lot of cutting boards as gifts from family and friends. Or perhaps they are priceless keepsakes from your travels to nations with a rich culture or from artist craft fairs. You have an even stronger incentive to display your cutting boards so that visitors may admire them by keeping them out of the kitchen’s drawers and cupboards.

Let’s say you haven’t started your cutting board collection yet. You are definitely missing out in such case. They are available in a variety of materials, colors, and shapes. Furthermore, you are not restricted to using only cutting boards. A variety of unusual boards go great with pizza peels and wooden bowls.