Can You Spray Paint Faucets? Yes Or No

Can You Spray Paint Faucets Yes Or No

You can find gorgeous images of bathroom fittings, a can of spray paint, and lofty promises after just one online search.

Can you spray paint faucets? So simple, they exclaimed. Amazingly easy, they exclaimed. Nothing to prepare, they exclaimed.

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is, as with most things in life.

Spray Paint Faucet Durability

A bathroom fixture can survive for six years and still be sturdy when coated with spray paint. Anything abrasive used to clean the painted surface would probably degrade its finish. Scratches may also result from hard water.

Is Spray Painting A Faucet Safe?

You can fix any sort of faucet using spray paint! The faucets were removed and lightly sanded before being painted with textured black flat spray paint. For an iron finish, Krylon Outdoor textured finish was used.

Which Paint Type Do You Apply To A Faucet?

The secret to its durability, in my opinion, is a light coat of oil-based paint (available in cans and spray cans). If the paint drips too much, it will take forever to dry. Apply the second coat when the first one has dried.

Can Chrome Faucets Be Sprayed Painted?

Use automotive enamel if you want to paint a nail’s arch or acrylic or latex metal paints if you want to color a faucet. Spray painting can also be done using a bristle brush or foam brush, as seen in this instance. Spray painting chrome requires that you always move steadily and forwardly while sweeping the paint over the entire surface.

Can You Spray Paint Faucets Yes Or No
Can You Spray Paint Faucets? Yes Or No

Do Bathroom Faucets Allow Spray Painting?

Yes, you can! Bathroom faucets can indeed be painted with spray paint! The sink faucets were removed, lightly sanded, and then textured flat black spray paint was applied to them. To give it an iron-like appearance, we used Krylon Outdoor Textured Finish.

Can bathroom faucets be sprayed painted? Yes, you can. Here is the after photo

They are now absolutely gorgeous and have survived quite well. For anyone considering doing this. To make the paint adhere even better to the faucets before painting, I would probably use some sort of primer. They really did come out so lovely!

Can Bathtub Faucets Be Spritz Painted?

Here is the bathtub during the procedure: YES, YOU CAN. We were unable to remove the bathtub fixtures, so I had to tape EVERYTHING in order to spray paint them. I covered the bathtub, the cabinet, and the wall area with paper and tape. Don’t you think it was a complete pain but so worthwhile?

I’d wipe the faucets down with a Clorox wipe after they were freshly painted. Anything that could scratch the paint is not something I would use. We are incredibly pleased with the outcome! If anyone else has tried this, please let me know in the comments section.


The good news is that your faucet can be spray painted, and it looks very stunning when done. Metallic spray paint and a genuine ORB faucet may hardly be distinguished from one another. It’s a cheap update, and they last over time with heavy use.

The bad news is that it’s more complicated than you may anticipate. To paint obsolete faucets and fixtures properly, it takes time and planning. Here is all the information you require to correctly spray paint your faucet and achieve the results you desire.