How To Wrap A Bowl Easily?

How To Wrap A Bowl Easily

Kitchen supplies are one of the most difficult household supplies to pack when moving. It is odd in shape, fragile, and easily damaged, so it needs special packaging.

However, some kitchen supplies are less difficult to pack – for example, tableware is easier to protect than high-foot tableware, metal items do not need as much cushioning as glass items, and so on.

Bowls are in the middle of the rankings – their shape is simple (except for the unusual bowls with stems), but they are usually fragile. Therefore, it is not too difficult to pack the bowls for handling, but care should be taken to prevent the bowls from breaking during the strict relocation process.

Read on to see how to wrap a bowl.

What You Will Need

  • Box
  • wrapping paper
  • ribbon
  • bubble wrap
  • gift tags

How To Wrap A Bowl?

Step 1

Use bubble wrap to encircle the bowl and put the extra inside. Into the box, place the bowl.

Step 2

Turn the box over and place it in the center of the wrapping paper, pulling the sides of the paper toward the center of the box. The excess paper should be cut off, then taped over.

Step 3

Right-side up, flip the box. To make top and bottom flaps and to crease them, smooth the sides of the open piece of paper on one side. The top and bottom flaps should be folded together. The flaps should be taped to the box’s side. Repeat on the other side.

Step 4

Wrap ribbon lengthwise under the box, over the middle, and around the width after turning the box over. Upside-down, flip the package over. Tie the ends of the ribbon after slipping the ends under the intersecting ribbon. Cut the ribbon.

Step 5

From your bow, peel back the surface. In the center of the box, firmly press the bow to cover the ribbon intersection.

Step 6

Your name and the name of the recipient should be written on the gift tag. Tape the tag to the bow’s corner.

Things To Be Aware Of

To make it simpler to wrap, place a big bowl underneath the wrapping paper and your circular gift on top.

To wrap the gift tightly and prevent the extra paper from sticking out, use folds and creases.

For a neater, more geometric appearance, you can roll the gift up in the middle before folding and taping the edges in.

Wrap a cylindrical item by rolling it in the center of the paper and folding the excess paper over the flat sides.

How To Wrap A Bowl Easily
How To Wrap A Bowl Easily

Ways On How To Pack Plastic Bowls For Moving

Plastic bowls are scratch-resistant, so you can stack them inside the moving boxes without first packing them in packing paper. The boxes should be filled with crumpled paper, sealed tightly, and labeled with what’s inside.

Ways On How To Pack Large Bowls For Moving

All large fragile bowls, including large glass and large china bowls, must be individually wrapped in packing paper as mentioned above. However, since larger bowls are heavier, you’re advised to use more packing paper and to use two boxes.

Larger, less fragile bowls should be packed in moving boxes nested together and on their rims. Plastic mixing bowls are a good example of this.

Ways On How To Pack Stemmed Bowls For Moving

If you happen to have bowls with stems, you should take extra precautions to protect them during the move by wrapping the stems in several layers of bubble wrap and taping the wrapping to ensure that it won’t unravel during the transfer. Then, as previously mentioned, wrap the entire bowls in packing paper.

Place the wrapped bowls in a moving box on top of the padding layer of crumpled paper, and group the bowls together with their rims facing down. Place several sheets of packing paper on top of the padding and seal the box. Make sure the bowls are cushioned on all sides. In large letters, mark several sides of the carton with the words FRAGILE, HANDLE WITH CARE, and THIS SIDE UP.


This article talked about how to wrap a bowl easily. Hope these steps will help you. Last but not least, thank you for reading. If you have any questions, please leave them in a comment.