14 Awesome Dog House Decor Ideas That Will Be Loved

14 Awesome Dog House Decor Ideas That Will Be Loved

It makes sense if you have a private space for your pets if you love animals, especially dogs. This time, dogs are more than simply a pet or a gatekeeper; many people see dogs as members of the family. For your animal pet, building a dog house may be a lot of fun. Dogs will feel especially needed because they give them a quiet space where they can unwind or sleep peacefully in addition to keeping your home tidy. Similar to cats, dogs make for lazy pets who prefer to sleep all the time. They can typically sleep for 12 to 14 hours a day, so you should construct a dog house that they will adore both inside and out.

Tips For Dog House Decor Ideas

Indoor Tips For Dog House Decor Ideas

Dogs have always seemed to like dozing out wherever in the house, occasionally on the floor, sofa, or beneath the dining room table. Despite the fact that the dog is not an animal voter, as the owner, you are undoubtedly sorry to see them. The best thing you can do is build an indoor dog housing. Give your pet a decent place to live so they can be warm and cozy even in the space. Either build your own DIY dog house or purchase one from a pet supply store. Build a doghouse in underused spaces like the space beneath stairs; this is a highly practical solution to the space issue.

Outdoor Tips For Dog House Decor Ideas

Dogs are essentially outside creatures who like to dig in the earth, romp around in the garden, or simply nap under a tree. Dogs are your best companion if you also enjoy being outside, especially on the weekends. If you enjoy playing a simple game or gardening with them, building an outdoor dog house is a fantastic alternative. There is nothing wrong with building another outside dog house even though your dog already has one indoors. There are a variety of outdoor dog house designs, from contemporary to historic to their most basic types. Utilize the patio and build a doghouse there even if you don’t have a yard or backyard.

14 Awesome Dog House Decor Ideas

Bowls for Food & Drink For Dog House Decor Ideas

This one is really a given! Pets must always have access to clean, fresh drinking water, therefore keeping bowls available is essential.

If your dog tends to knock over water bowls or loves to make a mess with it, you might want to provide different water sources or use a weighted pet bowl.

Make Your Dog Crate Into A Table For Dog House Decor Ideas

Make a modest DIY table if your dog crate design needs to fit a tiny space. When Jeanette Lockmiller-Stretch wanted to make her Sheltie Buddy feel safe but also wanted his kennel to match the furniture in her sunroom, she adopted this strategy. Her husband, Mark, assisted her in coming up with a skirted table. Together, they spent two nights and approximately $100 constructing a table from a top and 28-inch-tall legs. To make it appear like furniture, they stained it a gray that had been sun-bleached. Under the tabletop, Buddy’s wire container fits wonderfully. Cafe curtain panels suspended from tension rods conceal the wire sides of the box while maintaining adequate airflow.

Cover A Crate With A Slipcover For Dog House Decor Ideas

Sometimes covering your dog’s crate is the appropriate cosmetic answer, and your pet’s veterinarian may even advise doing so to reduce anxiety. A kennel can blend in as part of the decor in a living room or bedroom thanks to this reasonably priced fabric design. Make an over-the-kennel covering by sewing it. The unit can then be made into a lovely side table by adding the desired surface to the top. A cover kept in place by hook-and-loop tabs can roll down when the kennel entrance is closed. It will be secured by a dowel that is sewed into the bottom of the cover.

Build A Crate Into Your Decor For Dog House Decor Ideas

A wall in the home office has become an ideal place to combine two friends’ kennels – the Labrador and his shy Beagle friend. Stacy Millman, the owner, architect and interior designer of SKM design company, customized an extended crate opposite the owner’s desk. Millman said, “the kennel is built for two dogs, but it is designed according to the size of the larger dogs, so they can stand and turn easily, and it is very comfortable.”

This 80 inch long, 24 inch deep and 35 inch high kennel provides space for two dogs to snuggle up or lie on their beds. It is slightly higher than the height of the conventional counter, so the laboratory can operate easily. “When they need the dog to stay in the kennel, there is a lock on the floor at the bottom,” Millman said “For ventilation, we chose metal grille.”

Milman hung cupboards above the kennel, matching the kitchen cupboards around the corner. “It’s good that you don’t feel depressed because the dog’s cage takes up your space, or you feel the need to move it when a friend comes over.”

Build In A Kennel With Farmhouse Flair For Dog House Decor Ideas

Build a kennel into a bottom cabinet or counter base and front it with painted beadboard to give it a modern-farmhouse appearance. To give the kennel more personality, make the door out of a treasure from a flea market, like this ornamental floor grate. Your pet’s favorite furry pal can have a comfy place to sleep by adding an indoor-outdoor cushion.

Bedding For Dog House Decor Ideas

Dogs must have a pleasant, comfy place to sleep, which is another unavoidable requirement. A cozy pile of blankets or a pet bed, mat, box, or other suitable size should do the trick!

Orthopedic and memory foam pet bed alternatives are perfect for elderly dogs with joint problems since they provide a nice, supportive place to lay. Our top selections for orthopedic pet beds are included in the post below; See more about Boat House Decorating Ideas

Convert A Cabinet Into A Crate For Dog House Decor Ideas

Lower cabinets in kitchen or laundry rooms are simple to transform into the ideal comfortable haven for little pets. Making ensuring the cabinet has enough room and that air can circulate is crucial. Naturally, you should also make sure it is kept well away from any cupboards that keep household cleaners or other potentially toxic substances. For your dog to utilize as a kennel, cut a side out of a kitchen cabinet. Suspend a curtain that you may pull back or lower as needed.

There are countless methods, with a little imagination, to make your pet’s kennel appear right at home in the center of your house, where your pet enjoys spending time.

Give A Crate The Furniture Treatment For Dog House Decor Ideas

When you choose a lovely ready-made, furniture-style item, a dog crate can blend into the decor of a bedroom or living area. Favorite artwork can be displayed on a floating shelf that is hung above it. Pet-safe houseplants of various sizes can be added to the shelf to add dimension.

Build A Bench That’s Also A Kennel For Dog House Decor Ideas

14 Awesome Dog House Decor Ideas That Will Be Loved
14 Awesome Dog House Decor Ideas That Will Be Loved

Why not create a kennel for your dog in the middle of the family room if she is one of those dogs who loves to follow you everywhere? Even your family members can use a tiny dog-sized one as a bench, or your four-legged pet can use it as a window seat to monitor the neighborhood. The sides of the container are partially paneled and have simple metal rods for ventilation.

Vacay-Busting Games & Toys For Dog House Decor Ideas

Boredom-busting activities and other enrichment toys are excellent additions to the design of your dog’s room.

Depending on the game or toy, not only do these kinds of activities keep your dog mentally busy, but they also aid in keeping them from getting into trouble.

It’s great to play with soft toys like hide-and-seek plushies as well, but if your dog has destructive tendencies, it’s usually preferable to choose a more robust option.

Embed The Crate In A Focal Point For Dog House Decor Ideas

Building a shelving unit around a crate and painting it a bright color, like this orange, is one approach to counterbalance its functional appearance. The shelves create exhibit areas that draw attention away from the wire frame while introducing interest. When your dog needs to relax or when you wish to conceal the kennel from view, you may untie a roll-down fabric shade and lower it. Hang artwork above the crate-shelf and add accent pillows and a throw to a nearby sofa or chair to complete the area’s dcor in order to create a complementary color scheme that ties the kennel into the design of the room.

Make The Dog Crate Into An Island For Dog House Decor Ideas

Consider a high-top solution to hide your crate for huge dogs who require a lot of space, like Honey the Lab. In order to cover a wire kennel in the middle of the family mudroom, interior designer Kristina Crestin created a central island. The large surface of the island’s repurposed maple serves as a drop zone for dog treats, keys, and other items. When Honey returns from the outside with muddy paws, Crestin can easily clean the flooring because it has a slate-like appearance. The crate’s island vibe is enhanced by a cluster of pendant lights suspended above it. Now that the kids are getting ready for school or practice, Honey has a place to hang out without being bothered.

Doggy Doors, Pens, Pet Gates For Dog House Decor Ideas

Pet cages and gates are excellent for keeping your dogs in their rooms or other designated areas while keeping them safe, secure, and contained (essential in our opinion).

Built-in alternatives like the ones shown above are fantastic (especially if they fit within your budget), but there are also many inexpensive, temporary, free-standing, and movable solutions available on the market, as well, available in a variety of colors and styles to match your decor.

Another thing to think about is whether you’ll be giving your dog access to the outdoors through a dedicated area or dog room.

If so, doggie doors are a wise purchase. See the page below for some excellent alternatives.

Integrate A Kennel Into A Window Seat For Dog House Decor Ideas

Planning is necessary to successfully incorporate a dog kennel into a busy area like a breakfast room. To make the most of the room’s layout, designer Pamela Porter chose to have her dog’s crate serve as the anchor for a window seat on one built-in unit that also provided seating and a side table. For a cohesive appearance, she coordinated the millwork on the container with the design of the rest of the space. The best part was that Porter got to say goodbye to the unattractive metal kennel that had previously been located there. Additionally, the family dog is now only a few feet away from any crumbs that fall under the breakfast table, which is a treat for them.


A dog house might actually serve as decor in your backyard if you allow pets. If you have a dog, a dog home offers a comfortable place for your dog to live. If you have an empty dog house, you may decorate it to make a cheerful centerpiece that gives your backyard design more color, personality, and charm.