How To Decorate An Unused Fireplace In Ideal Ways?

How To Decorate An Unused Fireplace In Ideal Ways

We enjoy sitting by fireplaces on chilly nights because of their warmth, but they are frequently a hassle. They not only need routine maintenance, but they also become dusty and stained, and their dirt frequently spreads throughout the rest of your house. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that so many fireplaces are inactive or abandoned.

But just because your fireplace isn’t in use doesn’t mean it’s any less of a space- or attention-hog. What should you do with your vacant fireplace now? Should you cover it up? Do you want to conceal it or add accessories to it? Follow along for some great suggestions on how to how to decorate an unused fireplace.

Planting A Succulent Garden

Utilizing the area for a succulent garden is one of our favorite empty fireplace ideas.

No matter how big the old fireplace is, this idea still works. The number of succulents you use and the types of containers are entirely up to you. 

Even excluding succulent plants from the concept is optional. A drab fireplace will be revitalized by any of your indoor plants. 

Adding A Wine Rack

Your wine collection can be stylishly stored with a little carpentry.

Like a nice glass of your favorite wine, nothing warms you up.  

You can incorporate a pre-built rack into the area even if you lack the handyman gene. Alternatively, keep a few bottles with other decorations. 

Showing Off The Seasons

It’s not necessary to make a decision that will last when considering interior fireplace decorating.

Old fireplaces are perfect places to display your holiday decorations. 

You can add flowers in the spring or seashells in the summer. In the autumn, stacking pumpkins creates a stunning display.

You can switch up the decorations to keep your living space looking new regardless of the season. See more about How To Decorate A Two Tiered Stand

Adding Some Jars Or Vases

Almost anything can be used as fireplace interior decoration.

Depending on the look you want to achieve, you might opt for something elaborate or something straightforward. 

Nothing compares to painted jars and vases for their classic elegance and simplicity. The vases can be used on their own or with plants inside.

To give the vases a little glow and make your fireplace feel more lively, attach some string lights to them. 

Try out various options and decide which you prefer. Vases come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, so you can occasionally switch them out. See more about How To Decorate A Pumpkin Pie?

Making It Glow Again

You can give your vacant fireplace a glow in addition to lighting up vases.

There are several non-working fireplace ideas that can be used to create the impression of a live fire without lighting a match. 

To create the illusion of fire, simply place a bundle of branches or driftwood in front of the fireplace and surround them with lights.

If you have a large log, you can drill holes in it and place flameless candles that are powered by batteries. Glowing lights are a classic choice for an empty fireplace’s decor. 

There are several options for fake fire if you want real warmth from your old fireplace.

Electric fireplaces are available everywhere, offering warmth and that recognizable glow. To reactivate a fireplace that isn’t working, place this inside. See more about Awesome Dog House Decor Ideas

Lighting It Up With Candles

Many people adore the aroma that a fragrant candle can bring into a space. There is always the worry that candles could start a fire, though.

You don’t have to worry about it when using candles in your old fireplace, which is wonderful. The fireplace was created to hold a fire already!

However, you are not required to use actual candles if you don’t want to. Candles with a battery also function.

Despite the fact that there isn’t a real fire, both emit a romantic glow. 

Using It As A Shadowbox

Almost anything looks great displayed in an old fireplace.

Any collection you have can be highlighted and given a built-in display using your old fireplace. 

This is possible with or without shelves. You can include artwork like paintings.

Options abound for this fireplace design, which is among the most inventive. The fun thing about this concept is that you can occasionally switch it out and highlight various collections. 

Displaying Some Antlers

Okay, so not every fireplace will be compatible with this concept.

With a fireplace made of stone or brick, you should do this. Probably your quaint cabin in the woods would be the best place for this concept. 

An impressive display is created by stuffing your empty fireplace with antlers. You can creatively arrange them and even add string lights to highlight them and create the impression of fire. 

The antlers for your display don’t even need to be harvested from the animals by hunting. Wildlife harm is not a concern because deer shed their antlers every year.

You can always buy faux antlers that look realistic if you don’t want any animal parts around. 

Covering It Up

If none of these wonderful suggestions satisfy you, you can always choose to conceal the fireplace.

Great unused fireplace cover ideas include artwork and fireplace screens. Paintings and other works of art look great when displayed near fireplaces. 

You can mount a picture on the hearth or make a frame that fits the fireplace opening. Many stores sell fireplace screens if you don’t already own a painting you like.

These screens can be bought pre-made, or if you know a metalworker, you can have them create one especially for you. 

Grab your ash vacuum and clean it out first, and there are countless ways to conceal a fireplace.

In the event that the fireplace is still operational, covering it always leaves you with the option of using it once more.

How To Decorate An Unused Fireplace In Ideal Ways
How To Decorate An Unused Fireplace In Ideal Ways?

Firewood Stacks

Fill the fireplace to the brim with firewood to give your house a warm, rustic appearance. Even if you never use the wood, having a fireplace that doubles as a place to store firewood will give your room a much more finished look. The fireplace becomes the focal point and decoration of the room rather than appearing empty and lonely. Even strangers who arrive for the first time feel at home thanks to the firewood.

Arrangements: A Decor Splash

There are specific arrangements you can place in the fireplace to enhance the space without lighting actual fires, depending on the style of the room. For instance, you could locate a sizable piece of coral and place it in the fireplace if the room has a coastal theme. As a frame for the piece, the surround serves. If your home has a contemporary design, you could change the flower arrangements in the fireplace every week to add a splash of color and a new look.

Jars And Vases

Obtain some sizable jars or vases, and then put them inside the fireplace. Use colorful vases as an accent piece to add color to a room that is primarily neutral in color. Ginger jars add elegance, while traditional large jars can give the room an older vibe. Try out various jars and vases to see which works best. Even so, you can rearrange them to fit specific events.

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You shouldn’t avoid burning things in the fireplace just because you don’t use it to burn wood. The fireplace will have an inviting glow when you place a variety of candles in the area. Although it won’t produce as much heat as a real fire, the candles will brighten the room and give the fireplace something to do. It’s a classy, simple, and affordable way to make use of the fireplace in the space. The most complete look is achieved with candles of various sizes, or you can create depth by stacking candles of the same size on a rack.

Book Storage

Your unused fireplace is the ideal place to increase your book storage space if all you want to do is relax on the couch with a good book. You might as well fill the fireplace with your favorite things since you never use it. The books can be stacked so that the spines are visible to add a variety of colors to the space. Alternately, arrange them so the pages are visible to keep the tone more neutral. In either case, the fireplace is being used for something you enjoy and need, and the space appears more finished and less empty.

Adding A Heater

Even if your fireplace isn’t working anymore, it can still provide heat. Create a functional centerpiece inside your fireplace by placing an electric heater, a wood-burning stove, or a heater that resembles one.

Making It Rustic

Do you adore a wood fireplace’s aesthetic appeal but detest the upkeep and cleaning required? Placing a dog grate inside your spotlessly clean fireplace and setting a few pieces of pristine wood—such as birch or another type of light wood that will stand out—upon it will make the fireplace look even more elegant. When you do, you’ll have the appearance of a working fireplace without the mess that comes with it.

A Splash Of Seasonality

It’s a great place to display a little seasonal décor if your fireplace is empty. To mark the end of spring and summer, consider placing a fresh vase of flowers inside. You could also add some faux pumpkins for a touch of fall.

Go crazy for the winter holidays and decorate your bare fireplace with a menorah or advent candles.

Leaving It Be

Accept it if your fireplace appears to be a vintage relic rather than a heat source. Make it the center of your space instead of trying to hide it or fix it up. As soon as you’ve done your best to clean the exterior, decorate the fireplace’s mantle with a few artfully chosen pictures and trinkets to make it distinctly yours.

Painting It White

Choose the tried-and-true method of painting your unused fireplace white for a minimal elegance that will blend in almost anywhere. However you choose to paint your fireplace, make sure it is painted well. Poorly painted brick can look just as bad as a stained and damaged hearth. An off-white or cream will also work.

Being Boldly Brick

Everyone has a mental image of the typical brick fireplace from the 1970s and 1980s: big, reddish-brown, and occasionally an eyesore. But by using bricks in inventive ways, you can make your unused fireplace into something much better. For a playful and sophisticated texture, arrange bricks in a unique vertical or diagonal pattern.

Breaking Out The Baskets

The ideal location for a little bit of chic storage can also be found in your unused fireplace. The ideal location for your favorite statement basket is a crisp, bright hearth. Placing blankets or books inside the basket will allow you to keep them hidden when not in use.

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Use Logs When In Doubt!

Logs go perfectly with fireplaces. For a more rustic appearance, why not fill that whole thing up with chopped wood? Don’t be shy about giving the room some warmth without a fire; this look works well with modern and more contemporary mantel designs.

Flowers In Front

Adding a splash of color can work wonders in a home that has a monochromatic color scheme. To be reminded of brighter days, place your favorite flowers in a straightforward vase or pitcher in front of your mantel.

Final Words

The coming of colder weather heralds the beginning of the fireplace season (see what I did there?).

Even though not everyone has a functioning fireplace, they are still entertaining to decorate and instantly give a room a cozy feel.

Check out some of these fantastic suggestions for transforming your mantel or vacant wood-burning fireplace into a useful piece that is also full of character if you own one.

The main focus of the article was how to decorate an unused fireplace. Please post a comment if you have any questions about how to decorate an empty fireplace. Have a good day, and thanks for reading.