How To Remove Decorative Columns? Try The Helpful Tips

How To Remove Decorative Columns Try The Helpful Tips

It’s impossible to see into your dining room because of the columns. If you were to take out two of the pillars, it would look much more open and formal. How to remove decorative columns? Get a contractor and an engineer on board before you begin tearing down any walls or pillars for any space.

This is so they can decide how to remove the columns in a safe and effective manner. The main obstacle that prevents it from being accomplished? It’s a load-bearing wall that is the structural issue. If it is possible, it will be quite expensive and possibly need the installation of a stronger beam.

Why Remove Decorative Columns?

Nowadays, houses in cities are getting smaller and smaller, and multiple decorative columns are used as a means of luxury. It is often difficult to walk. In this case, it is wise to remove the redundant decorative columns.

Let’s find out why your decorative column should be removed.

Reduce Space

Well, it’s easy to see how much trouble they have caused you, although you use some extra columns as decorations. Suppose you have a large space in your balcony or restaurant, but it’s too small a column, which means you can’t use the whole space you want.

In this case, you can increase the space of your room or balcony by removing redundant decorative columns.

Problem Mobile Furniture

You can’t put furniture in the same place all your life. Sometimes these need to be transferred. In this case, the decorative column will cause problems. Maybe because there is a pillar, you can’t put a piece of furniture where you want to put it.

You may want to change the direction of the sofa in the living room, but you can’t do so because there are columns where you want to. In this case, these columns should be removed from the bottom.


Because I have to stay near the house most of the time, the place where I often move needs to be leveled. Decorative pillars may be difficult to navigate because they are in different places, or you may get injured when moving too fast.

If your decorative column supports the stair railing, maintain its full height and cut off the excess. In addition to these requirements, the lower part should also be removed.

Load-bearing Column Checklist

Before starting any home project, renovation, or alteration, use this simple homeowner checklist to determine if you are dealing with load-bearing or decorative columns.

Check Blueprints

If you have architectural plans or blueprints available, these will usually tell you whether the columns are structural or decorative.

Look For Visible Seams

See if your post has a seam extending lengthwise on either side of the post axis. This may indicate the use of decorative columns or wraps on the structural columns.

Recover Capital 

By removing the capitals, you will be able to further examine the original installation and determine if you are dealing with load-bearing door colonnades.

How To Remove Decorative Columns Try The Helpful Tips
How To Remove Decorative Columns Try The Helpful Tips

Check The Column Material

Consider the building materials themselves. Some materials exhibit load-bearing properties, while others do not.

How To Remove Decorative Columns? 

Check Column

First, calculate how many decorative columns there are in your room and what you want to remove. Some columns enhance the beauty, but will not make your movement difficult or waste space.

Determine what needs to be deleted. It is important to know in advance what materials these are made of and whether they are easy to remove. However, it may be difficult for you to understand whether it actually bears a load. To this end, please ask an engineer who can understand it well to help.

Measured distance

It is very important to measure the distance between columns. Measure the distance between one column and another. If the decorative column is not too close or does not cause discomfort, it does not need to be cut.

When you don’t know whether it is a support column or a decorative column, measurement is also necessary. Take a hard and big ribbon and measure it by yourself or with the help of others.

Decide What Expenses To Cut

Even if it is not a support column, you still need to cut it in a specific way. Remember, even if you don’t bear the load, it’s not very light, so your careless cutting may endanger you, or you may inadvertently hurt yourself.

Cuts should not start anywhere. It’s good if you start cutting more than 3 feet from the bottom. Then you can easily remove the upper and lower parts.

Start Cutting Carefully

It’s time to cut it. As mentioned above, if you are not proficient, you can seek the help of an engineer. However, if you have learned something before, you can cut the decorative column yourself. You also need to know how to use a saw. Now start cutting with a saw 3 feet above the ground.

Make sure that all edges are cut evenly into circles. Remember, even if you cut it off, it will remain the same.

Remove The Separated Components

After incision, it is divided into two parts. You should move the upper part first and think about it in advance. If you accidentally try to move your lower body, your upper body will fall to the ground. It may even fall on you, and you may be seriously injured.

Gently tilt your upper body and carefully pull it down. Put it gently on the floor and now focus on the bottom.

Decide To Keep Or Remove The Lower Part

However, you haven’t removed the following part. Well, if you don’t mind, or if it can support your stair handrail, you don’t have to worry about it. Therefore, since you have removed the upper part, there are some uneven fragments in the cutting area that need to be removed.

Clean the sundries around the column joint with an art knife and close its slot. You can keep it interesting by coloring it. If you really don’t need the following potion, remove it in the same way.

If you want to reduce some columns, start each task in the same way and follow the whole process until the end. Remember, these techniques only apply to decorative columns; When removing the support columns, do not follow them, but seek the help of experienced engineers.

What Do Decorators And Interior Designers Do?

You can decorate your room exactly how you like with the help of interior decorators. They will match the necessary and ornamental items, colors, lighting, and materials to your area, stylistic preferences, and demands. Our designers at Decorist are observant, affable, and accommodating. Additionally, they can help you with the occasionally challenging task of creating a room.


Nevertheless, it is advised that you seek assistance from an engineer or inspector as these need to be examined to determine whether the columns are supporting any weights or if they are constructed to fit. You will learn the specifics of removing interior decorative columns in this post, though.