The Best Rug Size For A King Size Bed: All You Want To Know

The Best Rug Size For A King Size Bed All You Want To Know

An excellent way to complete the look of your room is to place a rug under your bed. A rug can make a room feel cozier and more complete by adding color and texture. A rug also provides a cozy, soft landing area for your feet in bedrooms with tile or hardwood floors. What rug size works best with a king bed? I’ll share my suggestions for rug size and placement options for your king bed in this post.

The Best Rug Size for a King Size Bed in a Small Room, leaving at least 18 inches of bare floor visible around the rug’s edges. The Best Rug Size for a King Size Bed in a Large Room, “Depending on the size of your room, a 9’x12′ or 10’x14′ area rug will probably be appropriate for a king-size bed.”

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In A Small Room: The Best Rug Size For A King Size Bed 

Functionality should be taken into account in addition to aesthetics when working with a king-size bed in a small bedroom.

Amber Lewis suggests that you, “outline the area where you want your rug, and consider the location of doors and how they will open.” Verify that adding a rug won’t make the doors stick, in other words, if you do so. If you’re looking for a large rug, this is a crucial factor to take into account, especially if it has a high pile and is fluffy.

The design of the rug may also influence what size area rug is appropriate for your room. Choose a smaller rug if you want to avoid having the design overpower your room by choosing a bold color or pattern. In contrast, since soft, neutral colors are more subdued, they allow for the use of larger rugs.

Finally, pause to think about how much floor space you have. An area rug that takes up the entirety of your floor space can make a small bedroom appear even smaller. Amber Lewis recommends keeping, “at least 18 inches of bare floor space exposed by the rug’s edges. Although I’m not the biggest rule-follower, this is a timeless guideline that applies to almost all rooms.”

While the exact measurements of your space will have a significant impact on the ideal area rug size, Amy Hoban advises a 5′ x 8′ area rug for small bedrooms. Of course, you can adjust your size based on your requirements and preferences.

In A Large Room: The Best Rug Size For A King Size Bed 

The largest area rugs are easily accommodated in larger bedrooms because they have more available floor space.

According to Megan Hersch, “Depending on the size of your room, you might want a 9’x12′ or 10’x14′ area rug for a king-size bed. The width of the rug must be at least as wide as the space between the edges of the bedside tables on either side of the bed, in my opinion.” Maria DeCotiis agrees, “if space allows a 9×12 would be the minimum,” explains the interior designer from Vancouver.

“Depending on the size of your room, a 9’x12′ or 10’x14′ area rug will probably be appropriate for a king-size bed.”

Large bedrooms are also ideal for layering or using multiple rugs. For instance, if your master bedroom is spacious and has room for a sitting area and coffee table, you could add a 9′ x 12′ rug under your king-size bed and a smaller area rug under your coffee table to help separate the two spaces.

You can also place a smaller area rug on top of a bigger one. Increasing the texture in your design and the coziness of your bedroom is a simple way to do this. Additionally, because it can make your steps significantly quieter for your neighbors below, this method works especially well for hardwood floors in apartment buildings.

What Advantages Do Bedroom Rugs Offer?

Yes, we are aware of the advantages a layer of rugs brings to your bedroom. But just in case you needed a refresher, here are a few reasons why we believe rugs are a crucial part of the decor in any bedroom.

  • Soften hard flooring
  • Create a defined space in an open floor plan
  • Add color and pattern to a neutral room
  • Anchor furniture
  • Create a focal point
  • Incorporate luxurious natural fibers such as wool or silk into your room design
  • Absorb sound

Choose The Right Size Rug For A King Bed

Let’s take a moment to step back, consider the size and placement of the room and create a plan for the entire space. You’ll want to keep the following things in mind.

  • A king bed rug should generally extend 18 to 24 inches past the sides of the bed as a general rule.
  • Your bedroom rug should be 112-124 inches wide, or roughly 10 feet wide, since a regular king bed is 76 inches wide. A king bed is 80 inches long. You only need to extend the rug 18 to 24 inches past the foot of the bed to get a rug that is 8 to 9 feet long when your bed’s head or bed frame is against the wall.
  • A California king size bed measures 72 inches wide by 84 inches long.
  • In order to ensure that you can move around the bedroom easily and give your furniture some breathing room, leave 10 to 20 inches of bare floor space between the sides of the rug and the walls.
The Best Rug Size For A King Size Bed All You Want To Know
The Best Rug Size For A King Size Bed: All You Want To Know

Interior Designers Tip – Mark It Out With Painter’s Tape

Put down some painter’s tape or masking tape and mark off the dimensions on your floor if you’re not sure if a certain size will fit in your area. You’ll be able to tell how much room the rug will take up and whether it will be too big or small for your bed by doing this.

Now that we’ve answered the question, “What size rug works best with a king bed?” it’s time to talk placement. On what should the area rug be placed? Here are the top three methods for putting a rug under a king bed.

For The Lower Part Of Your Bed: Place A Rug Under Just

To create this effect, position the rug so that it extends evenly on all four sides of the bed, leaving about 18 inches of rug exposed on each side. Alternatively, you could place the rug in the middle of your bed, leaving about two feet of the sides bare. This will create a “frame” around the lower part of your bed.

Under Your King Size Bed: Place A Round Rug

Round rugs give a bedroom an unexpected center of attention. Due to the fact that round rugs are less typical than rectangular rugs, they can add a special touch to your king bed. Place a round rug under your king bed in the middle of the room, leaving an equal amount of the floor exposed on each side. The rug can be offset so that it is still in the middle of the room but not directly underneath the bed. Your bedroom will feel cozier as a result of this.

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Place A Rug Under Your Whole Bed & Nightstand

8′ X 10′ Rug Under King Bed – King Bed Rug Placement

The smallest rug size that will fit under a king bed is 8′ x 10′. It’s also the size that shops most frequently stock. if you’re working in a small space or are on a tight budget. You can put an 8′ x 10′ rug underneath both nightstands so that it is visible at the foot of the bed, on both sides of the bed, and between the nightstands. As a result of the need to choose a small-sized nightstand so that it will fit onto the rug and not hang off the edges, this option may have a smaller selection of nightstands.


-Less expensive than a larger rug size

-Can be placed in many different ways

-The most popular size found in stores


-On the small side for a king beds

-May limit your nightstand table selection

9′ X 12′ Rug Under King Bed – King Bed Rug Placement

For your entire bed and bedside tables, a 9′ x 12′ rug is a more generous size to use. Place the rug with about 18 inches of it showing on each side of the bed and nightstands to achieve this look. A bench can be placed at the foot of your bed, and you can choose to include wider nightstands in your bedroom design.

Even though we believe that bigger is better, remember to account for the size of your room and door swing. In larger rooms, this rug size works well. The bedroom will appear cramped and small if you choose a rug that is too large for the room.


-More rug to love!

-Creates a luxurious feel in the bedroom

-Allows for more furniture placement options such as a bench at the foot of the bed

Can accommodate wider nightstands


-Best suited for larger rooms or open floor plans

-Compared to a smaller rug size, this option is more expensive. If you’re on a tight budget, this might not be an option.

Designer-curated Rugs For A King Size Bed

The dimensions of your room have a big impact on the ideal rug size, but your other home furnishings can also have an impact. “The best rug for your space enhances and complements the entire look of your room,” says Amber Lewis.

Consequently, a large area rug with lots of texture or a bold pattern is probably a great fit if you have a larger room and your furniture and home decor lean boho-chic. To avoid overpowering your design, you might prefer a smaller rug with a more muted color or pattern for a smaller room that shares the same style.

To assist you in selecting the ideal new rug for your area, taste, and price range, we’ve gathered some designer-approved area rugs below.

Braided And Textured Wool Rugs

Braided and textured rugs are a no-brainer whether you want to create a boho master bedroom or simply make your space feel cozier. Amy Hoban recommends the Braided Wool Rug from Parachute Home because, “It is a plush wool in a gentle, ivory color that would go well in many bedroom settings to create a calming look and nice soft feel.”

But if you want a heavier dose of texture, you might love the brand’s Textured Wool Rug, which, according to Amy, “has a tighter weave with more of a texture. Because of its increased durability and suitability for high traffic areas, this rug is also good because of its versatile ivory color.”

Amber Lewis X Loloi

If elegant, neutral, and sophisticated are in your interior design lookbook, then you’ll love the Amber Lewis x Loloi rug line. According to Amber Lewis herself, “For instance, the Gwyneth or Ojai collections provide a range of subtle neutrals in a soft pile that feels both elegant and carefree.”

If you’re worried about stains, you might consider the Zuma collection, “which is available in a soft blue, gray, and ivory palette and offers a stain- and fade-resistant solution,” advises Lewis. Meanwhile, “At an unbelievable price, the Billie and Georgie collections replicate the appearance of used antique rugs.”

Malta Blue Woven Wool Rug

“There is a huge variety of rugs available from Annie Selke in a wide range of colors, designs, and prices.” raves Megan Hersch. And she’s a particularly big fan of the Malta Blue Woven Wool Rug, which combines subtle, dreamy stripes with lots of texture and a variety of neutral hues that would lend themselves well to all sorts of bedroom designs.

You should have little trouble finding the ideal fit for your king-size bed and overall aesthetic because the rug is also available in almost any size you can think of.

Tufted Maribelle Rug

Anyone who likes playful textures, patterns, and colors in a bedroom rug will love offerings from Anthropologie. The retailer has a wide selection of graphic, bold area rugs that look great anywhere they are placed.

And while there are many options to choose from, Megan Hersch particularly loves the Tufted Maribelle Rug: “This rug is currently my favorite because I’m feeling more maximalist after coming back from Paris.” There is a choice for the majority of needs because it is available in multiple sizes and three rich patterns.

Loren Collection

If you’re anything like us and you love to spend time looking at interior design inspiration on social media, then there’s a good chance you already have your eye on this popular mid-century modern-inspired rug from Lololi.

It’s difficult to find a room where this rug won’t look amazing because it’s equally stylish and neutral. In her own master bedroom, one of our experts actually has it. According to Kim Emery, “I have the Silver / Slate area rug from the In my bedroom, I have Lololi’s Loren Collection. On all of my social media platforms, it has a huge following.”