What Size Area Rug Under Queen Bed? See Answer

What Size Area Rug Under Queen Bed See Answer

For a cozier atmosphere in your bedroom and a plush place for your feet to land (especially if you have hardwood floors), consider placing a rug under your bed. It may also be the ideal finishing touch for your interior design, bringing color, pattern, and texture to the room.

Wwhat size area rug under Queen bed? A rug should typically extend 18 to 24 inches past the sides of your bed.

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Rug Size For A Queen Bed

In general, a rug should extend 18-24 inches beyond the sides of your bed. We can determine the ideal size of a rug to place underneath a queen-size bed using this design principle. This means that your rug should be 96–108 inches wide, or 8–9 feet wide, since a typical queen bed is 60 inches wide.

Consider the bed’s length. The length of a queen bed is 80 inches. You only need to worry about extending the rug 18 to 24 inches beyond the foot of the bed if your bed’s head is against a wall. Your final product would be an 8–9 foot long rug.

We get an 8–9 foot square rug when we combine that length with the ideal rug width! Unfortunately, this size of rug isn’t exactly common. Now, it’s definitely possible to create a custom-sized square rug for your room (check out Flor for a great custom option), but let’s take a look at some other options for standard size rugs that will work great for a queen size bed.

4′ X 6′ Rug

An anchor for small and medium-sized bedrooms would be a rug measuring 4′ x 6′. A four by six-foot rug, though, will work well with a queen-sized bed if you put it in front of the footboard if you’re looking for the best layout.

The rug can be positioned at an angle underneath one end of the bed if you prefer to be more stylish. Both solutions are fantastic for small and medium-sized bedrooms!

5’x8′ Rug

The smallest size rug you should use underneath a queen size bed is 5 feet by 8 feet. Given that smaller rugs are more reasonably priced than larger ones, it’s a great size if your bedroom is small or if you’re on a tight budget. A portion of your 5′ x 8′ rug can be positioned beyond the foot of your bed, or you can move the entire thing closer to your nightstands. Generally speaking, a great placement for this size rug is to extend it about 18″ beyond the foot of the bed, as demonstrated in the image below. This will highlight your lovely rug and give you a well-balanced appearance.

6’x9′ Rug

You can improve the coverage on the sides of your queen bed by switching to a slightly larger 6 x 9 rug. Your 6×9 rug can also extend past the foot of the bed if you place it under your bed but not underneath your nightstands.

8’x10′ Rug

An 8ft x 10ft rug is the ideal rug size for a queen bed! This size will be your best choice because it provides the best coverage and flexibility, unless your room is extremely small or your budget is extremely limited. The floor on all sides of the bed can be adequately covered by an 8×10 rug, which you can place underneath your nightstands. Additionally, this rug size is ideal if you want to fit wider nightstands on top of your rug.

A rug that is 8 by 10 inches also has the great feature of extending past the foot of the bed to make room for a bench. You can easily make room for your bench at the foot of the bed by simply lowering the rug so that your nightstands are on the floor rather than on it.

9′ X 12′ Rug

A 9′ x 12′ rug can either be tucked underneath the queen bed completely or with an 18′ gap between the rug top and the nightstands, depending on the size of your room.

A rug measuring 9 feet by 12 feet is considered “large” and is only suggested for rooms with extra-large spaces. It can make a medium-sized bedroom feel very cluttered if it is present.

10′ X 14′ Rug

The queen-sized bed and nightstands should be placed on top of the 10′ x 14′ rug for the best visual balance.

Leaving a 24″ space between the top of the rug and the nightstands is acceptable if your room is particularly large. When there is at least 24 to 36 inches (or more) of bare floor space around all visible rug edges, this type of rug layout looks put together and wholesome.

With queen beds, a rug that is ten feet by fourteen feet works beautifully. It perfectly matches the size of a typical queen-size bed and is just the right amount of large.

12′ X 18′ Rug

A 12’x18′ rug is a very sizable rug, especially when compared to the size of a queen bed.

Placing the entire bedroom furniture set, which includes the bed, nightstands, footboard ottoman/chaise, etc., will allow you to properly proportionately pair it with the queen bed.) set up on top of it.

However, it is not typically advised to use this rug size with queen beds. It’s too big and looks out of place with the size of the bed. See more about What Size Rug For Under King Bed

What Size Area Rug Under Queen Bed See Answer
What Size Area Rug Under Queen Bed? See Answer

What Is The Best Size To Choose?

Your bedroom should be at least 10 feet by 10 feet in order to accommodate a queen bed with plenty of walking space around all three sides of the bed. The area rug size that is placed beneath your bed will also depend on the size and orientation of your room. Area rugs should be laid out horizontally across your room because beds are typically placed perpendicular to them. Additionally, you should position your rug at least 6 inches (but not more than 2 feet) away from the walls of your bedroom.

Of course, there are variations; some bedrooms are smaller and some rooms are larger; however, this breakdown of rug sizes should be helpful:

  • The standard opinion is that a queen bed should not be covered with an area rug that is 4 by 6 feet large. However, if you love both of your smaller rugs, layer them or place one on either side of the bed.
  • A rug measuring 5 feet by 7 feet or 5 feet by 8 feet would fit under a queen bed if your bedroom is small. Keep in mind that this is the smallest size that you should put under a queen-sized bed, and you most likely won’t be able to put your nightstands on the rug.
  • A 6- by 9-foot rug is a good size to put under a queen bed in a typical bedroom. On each side of the bed, you will have a rug that is about 24 inches thick.
  • In a typical-sized bedroom with a queen bed, a rug measuring 7 by 10 feet will probably be the biggest one you use. If the rug is laid perpendicular to the length of the bed, you will have 30 inches of cushion underfoot on each side.
  • If your bedroom is bigger, think about putting rugs that are 8 by 10 feet or 9 by 12 feet under your bed. You can set up your nightstands in either of these arrangements, as well as a bench or chair at the foot of the bed, on the rug. A small amount of rug extension at the foot of the bed is also possible with rugs this size.
  • Consider putting runners or sheepskins at the foot of the bed or on either side of the bed if your bedroom is very small. They won’t take up a lot of floor space while still adding warmth and coziness.
  • Although round or elliptical rugs are uncommon, if you do decide to use one, be aware that the exposed part of the rug will be curved. The largest circular or elliptical rug that will fit the space is recommended. Additionally, when using elliptical rugs, you might want to place them lengthwise so that they face the same direction as the bed.

Place A Rug In A Bedroom

If you’re having trouble visualizing your space, you can represent your area rug, furniture, and other bedroom features with blue painter’s tape. It costs nothing, is simple, and does no harm.

Here are a few straightforward options for positioning a bed on a rug:

  • If you choose a smaller area rug that is 5 by 7 or 5 by 8, think about putting it under the bottom third of your queen bed. In this manner, the rug will be partially exposed on the three sides of the bed.
  • An area rug measuring 7 by 10 feet can be placed under the bottom two-thirds of the bed or closer to the headboard, so your nightstands can be placed on the rug, too.
  • Your queen bed and nightstands can be placed on larger area rugs that are 8 by 10 feet or 9 feet by 12 feet. Place the rug under your queen bed’s bottom third if you’d prefer to keep your nightstands off of it.
  • On the sides or at the foot of the bed, very small rugs like runners or sheepskins should be placed. Don’t put any furniture there.

The Bottom Line

Similar to other rooms in the house, the bedroom has its own layout and design. It is the one room in the house that provides the most warmth and comfort, where you retire after a long, exhausting workday and where you start each day with a clear head. For these reasons, it is crucial that you be able to discover these components of tranquility and relaxation as soon as you enter your bedroom.

All of this and more can be provided by a rug, including both comfort and aesthetic appeal. However, each bedroom is unique and has its own size and amount of space. Finding the ideal location for your rug can thus be difficult at times. There is no right or wrong response to this, it is important to keep in mind. The intriguing thing about it is that what might work in one space might not in another. versatility!

I appreciate you taking the time to read.