How To Make Faux Fur Pom Poms: Easy Hand Tutorial

How To Make Faux Fur Pom Poms Easy Hand Tutorial

First, how do you make pom poms with faux fur?

Pom poms made of faux fur can be made quickly and easily. The first thing you’ll need is a piece of faux fur fabric (I prefer the ones with longer “hairs,” like this one, but shorter works too). Keep in mind that these are priced per yard, and you really only need 1/4 yard (roughly 9″ across).

You can make multiple faux fur pom poms using just this amount of fabric. I took my regular 1/4 yard of fabric out of the bag. $19.99 per yard) with a 40% off coupon and paid just $2.99!

Please continue reading so I can give you more specific instructions on how to make faux fur pompoms.

Required Tools & Materials

Faux fur (like this)
Cup or bowl
Crochet thread (color shouldn’t matter)
Upholstery needle (with a point)
Cotton balls, yarn ends, or polyfil for stuffing.)

How To Make Faux Fur Pom Poms Easy Hand Tutorial
How To Make Faux Fur Pom Poms: Easy Hand Tutorial

How To Make Faux Fur Pom Poms?

I’m hoping you want this fur pom pom so you can use it with the Brugge Beanie pattern for a slouchy hat. It’s absolutely stunning, and I believe the pom makes it!

  • Your faux fur should first be laid out flat.
  • Trace around a cup (or bowl) that has been turned over. The pom pom grows larger the bigger the cup. Avoid cutting the “hairs” by cutting only along your trace mark.
  • In order to sew, thread your needle.
  • Simply baste all the way around the circle; it need not be attractive.
  • A ball starts to form as you tighten the thread.
  • Stuff it with some material (or use those yarn ends!) and pull the thread some more. Put a knot in the end using your string.
  • Now you can attach your new pom pom to a hat, make it into a key chain, hang it from your rearview mirror, and so many other things!
  • A pom makes everything better. And making these faux fur pom poms is so quick, simple, and affordable!

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What Exactly Is Fake Fur Fabric?

Faux fur fabric is a specialty fabric that you can purchase in most fabric shops. It definitely differs from the majority of fabrics, so you must comprehend it before using it.

Faux fur fabric is a knit fabric with long fibers on one side. The knit side is the incorrect side, while the fur side is.

I highly suggest always finding the direction of the fur and marking it with an arrow on the wrong side. (In the steps that follow, I’ll demonstrate this.) This will prevent the fur on your finished project from growing in the wrong direction.

Mark pattern pieces on the wrong side of synthetic fur fabric. When you cut the fabric, cut from the wrong side, slipping the scissors blade under the knit fabric base, but without catching the long fur fibers. (I’ll demonstrate this as well in the instructions.)

Where Can I Buy Faux Fur?

Let’s make a quick visit to the fabric shop! If you only want to make a few for yourself and friends, try to find the longest faux fur you can and ask them to cut the smallest amount of yardage allowed.

Even more cost-saving options include checking the racks to see if there are any small samples of faux fur, like the ones we have right here in the craft aisles, which can be less expensive than buying from the fabric aisles.


So, how to make faux fur pompoms?

I’m hoping that you’re motivated to create your own faux fur pom poms. On knit hats, they look really adorable! Join my mailing list if you’d like even more fantastic knitting ideas.

Many thanks for reading.