How To Decorate A Piano Top To Fit Any Style

How To Decorate A Piano Top To Fit Any Style

How to decorate a piano top? Be consistent with your theme, pick complimentary colors, less is more, create an atmosphere, use custom wood designs, light it up with candles, add some clothing, and make the scene picture-perfect.

Your instrument storage habits are frequently a sign of your passion for music. Because of this, music enthusiasts do not hesitate to keep theirs at home.

It can be challenging to figure out how to decorate your piano’s top and the area around it. We have put together a set of guidelines for embellishing your piano top in an effort to make this area as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Please continue reading as I give you more specific instructions on how to decorate a piano top.

How To Decorate A Piano?

Be Consistent With Theme

Maintaining a general theme is one of the most crucial decorating advices for pianos. Your piano top will look cluttered and out of place if you don’t. The use of themes enables the decorator to add a touch of personality and uniqueness to their home.

Check out the suggestions listed below for ideas on what theme to use for your piano. It is worthwhile to consider this for a while. Finding a theme that works for you, your piano, and your house will be possible thanks to this.

Select Complementary Colors

Using a consistent color palette can make an area look polished and appealing. As a result, when decorating your piano, make an effort to stick with a color scheme. You can improve your space by choosing colors that go well together. Here is a list of some gorgeous color schemes:

  • Teal and gray
  • Navy and gold
  • Red and blue
  • Yellow and gray
  • Gold and black
  • Yellow and green

Less Is More

A piano top with an excessive amount of detail will not look good. Your piano may lose some of its grandeur if there are too many things on top of it.

You should therefore adopt a somewhat minimalist strategy, it is advised. This area won’t appear crowded if you keep your possessions to no more than 4 things. Of course, you might want to use a few extra items if your piano top is especially large.

Create Atmosphere

It is essential to consider the mood this space will evoke when you are decorating your home. The atmosphere is what we’re talking about.

Creating the right atmosphere is also important when decorating your piano. Many people will desire an inviting environment, which will motivate them to practice the piano more frequently. Use plush furnishings and lots of light to convey this mood.

How To Decorate A Piano Top To Fit Any Style
How To Decorate A Piano Top To Fit Any Style

Custom Wood Designs

When it comes to decorating ideas, your preferences matter; for this reason, custom wood designs might be useful.  These patterns might include exquisitely worded phrases that are chosen to fit your mood.

You can select words or lovely patterns engraved in the wood, or you can opt for paintings on the piece of wood.

The elegance of these patterns lies in the fact that the artwork or words engraved in the wood convey a lot. In order to create symbolic expressions, you can also choose woodblocks with letters on them. 

Additionally, you can use wood to create a small set of piano keys. You can reduce this to a tiny size, about the size of a picture frame. It may be placed so that it leans against a wall or may have a base to stand on.

Lighting It Up

Lights draw the eye and can enliven a drab environment. With time, led lights have become more and more well-liked as a decorative element.  If you want to illuminate your piano, tiny lights in the form of string lights are the ideal solution.

The light can run on batteries, which saves energy because you do not have to connect them to your home’s electricity.

The lights can be positioned near the piano’s edge on top. Some of the stringed LED lights can be coiled into balls and placed on trays. Led lights can be played with, but try not to make it look too commonplace.

Led lights also come in a variety of colors, so if you prefer those, you can use them.

Candle Lights

You can adorn your piano with candles in a way that’s easy and practically effortless. You can adorn your piano with a variety of candles, including tea lights and pillar candles.

You don’t have to light your candles every time; you can if necessary, for example, when guests are present.  Your instrument becomes beautiful just by placing candles on top of it.

Making sheet music candles, in which musical notation is wrapped around the candles, is another way to express one’s creativity. The wrappings make the décor appropriate for the musical art that the piano stands for. Using candle stands of various sizes, you can use candles to decorate your piano while also holding candlesticks of various sizes.

Try Booklover’s Shelf

For a bookworm to express themselves, the piano top is the ideal location. You can place a stack of books on top of your piano, or you can arrange them to look like they are on a shelf by lining them up one after the other in a “standing” position.

These books can also be used to play the piano and create music; in this case, there is no need to search for them because they are just a hand’s reach away. Therefore, it serves as both a decorative measure and a practical one for you whenever you need to play the piano. 

 The use of book racks can be added to this concept. At the top of your instrument, you could attach a small wooden rack that contains books. Your artistic décor will look attractive and well-organized as a result. 


Place a cloth on your piano for the simplest decoration. Surfaces always look neater when they are covered in fabric, whether it be lace, satin, burlap, or cotton.

You have the option of keeping it colorful or going monochromatic. Candles or books, which are both considered decorative items, can be used to hold the cloth in place. The fabric covering will also aid in maintaining the cleanliness of your piano by preventing dust from coming into contact with it.

You can choose between a cloth that completely encloses the top of your instrument and a cloth that serves as a runner for the piano top.  

Picture Is Perfect

 Your musical instruments can make the ideal surface for your lovely picture frames. The photos can be portraits taken with a camera, or you can get creative and frame lovely pictures, possibly with a musical theme, to use as piano decor.

Your piano is made more pleasant by the photos. It’s not necessary to cover the entire surface in images, as this would only make it excessive. In order to decorate your piano with other items besides just photos, you can use a few photo frames.  You could even combine one slightly larger photo frame with other decorations.

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How Can I Style My Piano?

To create a feminine atmosphere, paint a yellow piano and add a faux fur stool and fake flowers to the wall. paint your piano some cool color, like mint here, and display some colorful glassware and lamps. if your interior is neutral or subtle, paint your piano blush or other pastel tone to match the space.

How Is A Vintage Piano Decorated?

1) Control of the environment and exposure to sunlight. 2) Visitors and footfall. 3) accessibility for both cleaning and moving. 1) Make a stage for concerts. 2) Play with color; third, keep it sleek and uncomplicated. 4) Put your trinkets on display.

A Grand Piano Must Be Displayed in Some Way

Grand pianos perform best and are best preserved when the “straight edge” is against an interior wall, away from windows and air vents. The same is true for upright pianos, which must be set up against an interior wall away from windows, air vents, and direct sunlight.

Where Should A Grand Piano Be Placed In A Space?

A grand piano should be placed across a corner at a 45-degree angle to the walls, about a fifth or a third of the way between diagonal corners. Hard reflections can be broken up or diffused by placing irregularly shaped furniture, wall hangings, and objects on or near the walls.

Is Gulbransen A Reliable Piano Manufacturer?

Along with making excellent pianos, Gulbransen was also known for producing electronic organs of the highest caliber. These instruments were so distinguished that they established the industry standard for home organs and brought about numerous notable technical advancements.

What Distinguishes A Grand Piano From A Baby Grand?

The length is the main distinction between a grand piano and a baby grand piano. A grand piano’s overall sound, however, can also be influenced by its size. Smaller grand pianos typically produce less volume and have sharper overtones, even though the best baby grand pianos will sound very similar to a good grand piano.

How Is A Piano Room Decorated?

Glossy Focal Point: How to Include a Piano in Your Home Design. Make your piano the focal point of the room. snug under the stairs. Warm the room up with a work of art. Play music throughout the space. A cozy nook. A design duet. Compose Contrast.

Is Leaving The Piano Open Okay?

When the piano is not in use, the lid should be closed to prevent dust buildup. The piano sounds better with the lid open while you play, and it does need to be ventilated.

Are Pianos Damaged By Sunlight?

The piano should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The uneven heating of the wood, strings, and plate is a significant challenge to tuning stability, and it can fade the finish (even causing the veneer to delaminate).

How Can I Maintain The Cleanliness Of My Grand Piano?

To regularly clean your piano, use a clean, damp (not wet) cloth first, then a clean, dry cloth. If more difficult-to-remove soils do end up on the finish, you might try wiping them off by first dipping your cloth in a mild soap and water solution, then wiping them off with a damp cloth dipped in clear water, and finally with a dry cloth.

Can You Mount A Tv Above An Open Flame?

Yes is a quick response. To prevent heat damage to your television, care must be taken to ensure that the heat from the fireplace is directed away from the television.

Final Words

Your musical experience will be improved if you design a lovely setting in which to practice the piano. Please follow the directions above to accomplish this. By doing this, you’ll be able to decorate your piano in a chic but unique way.

Do you now comprehend how to embellish a piano top? Thank you so much for reading. Last but not least, have a great day!