How to Decorate Your Car for Graduation? Quick Look

How to Decorate Your Car for Graduation Quick Look

Finally, the big day has arrived! Your teen is finally receiving their diploma after 12 years of school (excluding pre-K). One of the best ways to commemorate the event is to surprise your graduate by dressing up his or her car. We’ve compiled a list of essential materials to stock up on and some suggestions for making your teen’s car stand out in a parade or caravan to ease your concerns about how to decorate a car for graduation without harming its exterior.

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What to Use to Decorate My Car for Graduation?

You can find many suggestions for celebrating this significant occasion while also incorporating your personal style if you’re considering how to decorate a car for graduation. You can affix just about any kind of decoration to a car without scratching the chassis or fading the paint. Here are some ideas:


Masking tape, for example, can be used to attach streamers securely. Alternately, you could just tie them to components with enough room, like the rearview mirrors.


Poster board and butcher paper can also be used to make signs. This is still a fantastic option for making your graduate’s car stand out, even though they might be challenging to attach with masking tape. If you don’t want to make a sign, or you’re not feeling too confident about writing on the window, you can order a magnet from a printing service with your graduate’s name on it and “congratulations.”

Window Paint

You might recall the times when you could write a funny or meaningful message on a car window using white shoe polish. Fortunately, you have other choices. There are now paint and markers that are safe for cars and are simple to remove. Applying liquid chalk or paint directly to the body itself is not advised.


The balloons must be remembered. Bright, foil balloons are your best bet for decorations for graduation that stand out. On them, the year or a special message appropriate for the occasion are frequently printed. Combine the bouquet with latex balloons colored in the school’s colors to up the ante on the decorating. Some varieties also have a decorative pattern on them.

How Can I Decorate My Car Without Damaging It?

Fortunately, there are many graduation decoration options that are simple to remove and won’t harm the car. These include:

  • magnetic banners
  • window decals
  • washable window paint
  • window chalk

The majority of the time, you can find these items online or at a nearby party supply shop. Likewise, if you’re still opting for do-it-yourself decorations, these materials won’t scratch, dent, discolor, or chip:

  • magnetic tape
  • wire twist ties for securing decorations that wind around the vehicle or bumper (remember to tuck the ends under to where they don’t come contact with the tires)
  • feather boas and garland

Additionally, keeping the exterior of your graduate’s car intact requires knowing what to avoid. You must avoid using tape that is as highly adhesive as duct tape. The tape’s glue has a propensity to stick to the surface of the car, making it difficult to remove and possibly harming the paint. Also, stay away from silly string because its ingredients have the same impact as “egging” the vehicle. If left on for too long, it eventually harms the paint.

How to Decorate Your Car for Graduation Quick Look
How to Decorate Your Car for Graduation? Quick Look

How to Decorate My Car for the Car Parade?

Graduation Car Parade Invitations

On Zazzle or, you can purchase graduation party invitations and car decorations. I chose one of their editable designs for my daughter’s car parade for graduation and emailed a digital copy because I especially love this collection by DesignMyPartyStudio. Additionally, you can order printed invitations from DesignMyParty. For a few more of my favorite graduation car parade invitation designs, scroll down.

Decorations for Your Parade

Banners, lawn letters, signs, and balloons can be used to festively decorate the house or the yard. Check out Banners and Signs in our business directory for a variety of options to rent big yard signs in the greater Triangle area. Edgar Huff Photography is a different option for banners; his sports and graduation banners are awesome. Alternately, purchase a festive banner like the one on the right to adorn your porch and front door. For some more sign and banner ideas, as well as a map showing the parade route for your guests, see below!

Graduation Parade Party Favors

Give out little favors to the passing cars as a way to thank your guests for taking part in the graduation parade. A sweet treat, like the pretzels we ordered from Love Bites NC Bakery in Apex, NC, is the most typical type of favor. As the cars pass by, package the favors with a thank-you note attached using a tag or label (see examples below).

For Attendees: Graduation Parade Car Decorations

Definitely dress up your car if you’re going to a graduation parade! Anything colorful and enjoyable will do. Create posters, affix flags and/or magnets (the majority of the flags below come with magnets as well), or purchase a complete car decorating kit. To celebrate the graduate, the more festive, the better!

Final Words

A creative way to celebrate, express pride in yourself, have some fun, and perhaps even draw some attention is to decorate your car for a special occasion, holiday, or event.

As you can see, there are numerous ways to decorate a car and automobile decorations are available for practically any occasion. With a little imagination and materials, you could even DIY many of these suggestions.

In addition, your children will love participating in this enjoyable family project.

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