How to Decorate a Mantel With a TV? Top Ideas

How to Decorate a Mantel With a TV Top Ideas

For many TV enthusiasts, finding mantel decor that works with a TV can be difficult. What should you do—leave your mantel bare and let the TV take center stage? Put everything in it, including trinkets?

Because you can improve the appearance of your fireplace decor, even with a television, with a little work, I’m going to share some styling tips for a mantel that has a big, old, ugly TV above it.

Mantel Decor Ideas With a TV

Here are six TV-mantel decor ideas to make your space look better.

Switch to a Smart TV Or a TV Frame

By using the aforementioned YouTube hack, a smart TV can be turned into a work of art. To further take things up a notch, you can invest in a “frame TV” that lays flush against the wall surrounded by a picture frame. It’s an easy way to imagine the TV stand as a priceless piece of art. Your TV won’t be the main attraction because the frame will conceal it. With a frame TV, you can give your room new dimensions by quickly switching it out for artwork.

Add Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is a great way to accentuate and upgrade your entertainment center above your mantel. To highlight your artwork or provide a smooth transition into movie night with a soft, theater-like glow, you can add accent lighting to the side of the TV.

Whatever the situation or time of day, ambient mood lighting can be created. With the BlissRadia, you can dazzle with gliding light gradients or shine it in any color of the rainbow. You can also voice-control it or control it all directly from your phone, so you’ll never disturb a peaceful moment. The colors and atmosphere of your mantel can be changed in an instant.

Apply Greenery to Liven Up Your Mantel Decor

Faux greenery should be incorporated into your mantel design to give it life and tranquility. You can easily adorn your mantel with a few straightforward pieces by using subdued vines or a garland from a craft store. In no time at all, you’ll fill the area without overcrowding the eye with trinkets. For an impressive appearance, try dripping ivy off the ends of the mantel’s ledge.

Attention to Both Ends of the Mantel

You have the most flexibility at each end of your mantel, so use it to express your personality and play with the space. So add elegant candle holders with tealights to the ends of your mantelpiece to give them some extra TLC. Additionally, you can change out the trinkets according to the season, using white pumpkins in the fall and seashells in the summer.

Choose for Neutral Colors

To keep the emphasis on the TV, choose decor with a neutral color scheme. This prevents anyone from being taken aback by an orange pop in their peripheral vision. Neutral colors like beige, cream, sage green, and earth tones are calming. As you change the lighting to suit the mood, your design will stay consistently calming if you use neutral accessories.

Take Your Mantel Out of This World

Try a galaxy projector for a light show that can transform your movie nights into an extraordinary experience without detracting from the magic on the screen. The Sky Lite Evolve, for example, can project nebula clouds and stars throughout your whole room. The spherical design of the Evolve allows you to easily change the direction of your galaxy if you decide to point it somewhere else.

The Evolve can enchant your guests with a magical light show of drifting nebula clouds thanks to stunning pastel shades in reds, blues, pinks, and purples. Additionally, you can access unique lighting effects, pick your preferred colors, set timers, and do so much more with the help of the BlissHome mobile app. It’s the simplest way to change your mantel without getting up from your couch.

How to Decorate a Mantel With a TV Top Ideas
How to Decorate a Mantel With a TV? Top Ideas

Decorate Around Your Fireplace

I have a few more suggestions for what to do below and on the side of your fireplace now that your mantel is decorated.

A tall plant next to a fireplace has a beautiful appearance, in my opinion. It fit perfectly in our circumstances. On the side of our fireplace, we had just enough room for a plant. I chose an imitation fiddle leaf. Comparatively speaking to other ones I’ve seen on the market, this one was incredibly cheap and it looks so authentic. You can shop this fiddle leaf here. I put it in this woven basket. Against the white walls and shiplap, the contrast and texture it adds look fantastic.

This olive tree, which I’ve recently come to love, would look wonderful by a fireplace.

Another great place to add some decoration is the space in front of your fireplace. Poufs are the ideal decoration for your fireplace if you don’t have a hearth. I adore these because of their soft, neutral texture. They also give your room more seating.

If you have a hearth, you could set a lantern with candles on one side and a basket filled with firewood or blankets on the other.

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