How To Decorate A Slanted Wall Bedroom? A Complete Guide

How To Decorate A Slanted Wall Bedroom A Complete Guide

How to decorate a slanted wall bedroom? A complete guide It could be difficult enough to figure out how to design your walls without having to consider how to decorate slantedd walls. Traditional methods of hanging pictures might not be effective because the image would likely be distorted by the viewing angle. This means that when deciding what to hang on bare walls, you’ll probably want to use your imagination. We’ve covered a few concepts below that can give you some wall-related inspiration.

How To Decor Slanted Wall 

Children’s room in the attic, wooden rimmed ceiling, sloping white walls, Windows, wooden den, drawers, coffee table, color and hardwood floors

The sloping walls of the attic can be accentuated by wooden beams or stilts exposed by the roof line, with insulation and steel plates between them to complete the ceiling-like surface.

Exposed Beams

Modern home interiors, pitched walls and exposed beams, reveal living and kitchen areas

Exposing the beams or adding thick wooden beams to ordinary wooden pillars provides a visual texture to add a sense of height to the room.

The slanted of the ceiling determines the Angle of the wall and the height of the bottom of the straight wall. The wooden beams may extend to the top of the bevel or all the way down to the floor. See Artificial Wooden beams here for more ideas.

Envy the blue stick and peel the vinyl wallpaper

Although not considered fashionable, wallpaper has made a comeback. Wallpaper only the slantedd part of the wall to contrast with the solid colored walls in the rest of the room.

Wallpaper with a symmetrical pattern may not align correctly, so it’s best to choose a free or natural pattern. Choose a color to contrast or complement an existing wall color.

Peel Stickers

An easy way to add design to slanted walls is to use strip-and-stick stickers that are easy to remove. The options are endless. You can purchase decals in the room that fit the theme, such as nautical style, flowers, woodland or mountain views.

The Template

Bedrooms have wooden floors, white beds and drawer Windows, and pitched white walls decorated with stencils

Stencils can also work well for homeowners to create their own designs on sloping walls, and if they choose to keep the design simpler, stripes or rounded shapes may allow for eye-catching designs without too much detail.

Metope Paint

If you prefer plain walls, painting a slantedd wall allows color to surround the room and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Use the same color paint on all walls and ceilings and create a cohesive continuous line to reduce the roughness of the slanted walls. Consider the number of angled and sloping walls in an area and choose a color, darker or lighter, to avoid an undulating look with too many colors. See more about Awesome Dog House Decor Ideas

How To Decorate A Slanted Wall Bedroom

Choose an awning bed

Awning bed with sloping wall in bedroom

If you have a pitched ceiling, the space looks and feels small, which is understandable, but that’s where the design magic comes in. A canopy bed, if it fits (which is why measurement is important), creates the illusion of a higher room, drawing the eye upwards. It is a charming touch in this setting of styled house seven designs.

Make a mini gallery wall.

Art is a real challenge in any small space, especially in a bedroom with pitched walls. Instead, focus on creating a small gallery wall. Art rests casually on a dado behind a bed in this stunning sanctuary crafted by design firm Jenna Sue. The art acts as a visual focal point, rather than leaving this sloping wall empty.

Choose bright white decor.

In a small room, dark furniture can quickly take over the space. To tilt bedroom design, must choose neutral color, had better be ventilated white. An ivory nightstand, like the one seen in this shelter, belonging to the home with Ashley, instantly illumines the space and makes it seem bigger than it really is.

Replace curtains with curtains.

A sure way to open a cramped bedroom is the right treatment of Windows, especially slanted walls. All that natural light will make the room look bigger, not to mention it’s a great way to accentuate your decor. With a bed that doubles as a window seat, forget about curtains or blinds and choose a simple shade, like Katie in the Red House West End, to expose as much natural light as possible.

Consider a chandelier.

In a small bedroom with sloping walls, perhaps in a converted loft, choosing the right lighting is important. Floor lights, for example, take up too much space. This is why it is helpful to use a chandelier, which is minimal, draws the eye upwards, creates the illusion of height, and does not take up any valuable floor space. That’s how Mr. Lindsay of Yum! Brands decorated this serene bedroom with vaulted ceilings.

Hang some houseplants.

When you design around sloping walls, your space is of course very limited. This means there won’t be much room for upholstery, just as you like to have houseplants in every room of your house. While you may not be able to use a plant rack, you can get creative by hanging greenery on the sloping ceiling, which Sarah has crafted. Bonus: This decorative concept will add a pop of color and height.

Including wooden beams.

If you want to create extra visual interest with a pitched ceiling, just look at the wooden beams. They add enough visual interest, and because they’re so small, they don’t take up any extra space. We love the small wooden beams and matching chandeliers in this bedroom, which were designed by Catherine and Brian in the middle.

Paint the ceiling.

You may be scratching your head as you try to brainstorm ways to make small rooms with sloping walls look bigger. A painted ceiling can help, preferably in white — a hue guaranteed to make the space look more open. At least that’s what Brooke and Grace nesting chose to do in this cozy makeover. This design choice really brightens things up and makes the bedroom feel a bit big.

How To Decorate A Slanted Wall Bedroom A Complete Guide

How To Hang The Picture On The Slanted Wall?

Inside the modern loft kitchen, green sofa dining table with columns and beams, chairs, chandeliers, pitched walls, Windows and wood floors

Hanging a picture or artwork at an extreme Angle against a slanted part of a wall will result in inconvenient placement and difficulty in seeing it. However, it is possible to hang the item safely and reliably on a slanted wall without placing the item flat against the wall.

Hooks And Fishing Lines

This is more of a do-it-yourself solution, but very effective in getting the picture or artwork to “hang” properly on a slanted wall rather than leaning against it. Hang eye hooks on either side of the top of the artwork or photo frame. It is best to use a closed hole.

Measure the distance you want the picture to hang on the wall and the length between the wall and the hook. Next, measure the exact distance between the holes and mark that distance on the wall. Try to match the wall area with beams, otherwise use a butterfly anchor.

Screw two more holes in the wall where the distance is marked. When it is secured, tie a strong piece of fishing line over the hole in the wall and cut it to a certain length. Tie the line to the hole in the frame and let it hang.

Be sure to get a clear line that is barely visible to make the painting or photograph appear to be floating free. Do not use this installation method where people are sitting or sleeping.

The Gallery Guide

A chair and a long desk in the attic bedroom with drawers, books, laptops, plants and lamps, as well as lighting and wood floors

Gallery tracks also allow for suspension frames similar to holes and fishing lines, but are safer and sturdier. The rails come in kits, made of various materials such as aluminum, and have a track with a transparent rope for connecting artwork frames or other hanging items.

They can be adjusted to create a collage, and there are special stoppers at the end of each track to prevent the rope from slipping out. Corridor tracks can be used for pitched walls, pitched ceilings or standard walls.

With gallery rails, pictures or artwork can be easily switched to different decorations and depending on the size, gallery rails can hold anything from a few ounces to up to 50 pounds or more.

Lock Bracket

Keyhole brackets are a safe way to place framed artwork or photographs flat on an slanted wall. Each bracket is fitted with two screws that attach to the four back corners of the frame. If no beams are available, appropriate wall anchors, such as butterfly anchors, are required to hold the supports in the SLATE.

It is best to use 1-inch drywall screws with the head sticking out about ¼ inch so that it can be fitted into the keyhole bracket. The screw slides into the narrow passage in the bracket and holds the frame in place. See more types of pictures of hangers here.

Earthquake Or Museum Putty

Modern loft apartment with art collection, wood floors and natural light through glass Windows

Earthquake or museum putty is a removable and reusable putty used to attach frames to walls, to attach porcelain and pottery to shelves, and to prevent statues from toppling over tables and mantelpieces. The putty is used in areas with frequent earthquakes, but is also a perfect substitute for attaching artwork or framed photographs to slanted walls.

It provides a firm grip and does not damage the walls. It resembles clay and can be rolled into strips to attach to the back of a frame. Be sure to test the putty with an empty frame without glass before actually hanging the weight.

The pattern on the glass is mounted with adhesive museum putty

There are many other types of hardware available for hanging frames and other items on sloping walls, allowing you to find the best hardware for your project.

When decorating your house, don’t let sloping walls intimidate you. A little ingenuity and thinking outside the box will provide a simple color palette to realize your decorating vision.

What To Hang On A Slanted Wall?

Bright current bed room in attic with cozy double mattress below mansard home windows brick wall with a placing portray cabinets and timber floors

If adorning a teenager’s bed room and the mattress is in opposition to the slanted wall, it makes a best answer for growing a fake cover bed. The phantasm seems as a cover through mounting and draping silky sheer material or netting and lining it with fairy lights, making a magical spot for any teen girl.

For a younger boy, placing planets and stars with a small flooring lamp to illuminate them at night time offers a calming ecosystem for falling asleep. However, you will want the suitable hardware for putting some thing with weight on it.

Artwork and framed posters can be hung on a slanted wall with the suited hardware to create a completed seem to be and make sure the frames continue to be attached. Other thoughts are to grasp floating cabinets or wall-mounted coat racks. 


Whether your home has an attic or a few rooms with sloping ceilings, you definitely realize that these areas can be difficult to decorate. These rooms may now be used only for storage purposes or they may even be completely disregarded. We’re here to tell you that you may use these slanted walls as bedrooms and make them appear lovely while doing so.