Art Size Above Queen Bed: All You Want To Know

Art Size Above Queen Bed All You Want To Know

Keep in mind our design guidelines as you choose the art to hang over your queen-sized bed.

Your art size above Queen bed should be between roughly 30 and 50 inches for a queen bed and 28 to 48 inches for a full bed.

A headboard’s width plus 50–80% is the ideal size for the artwork. The average width of a queen-size headboard is 64 inches, compared to 58 inches for a full. 

Playing with these proportions opens up a world of possibilities. You can choose a larger centerpiece or create a set or grouping of 2-3 smaller items.

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How Wide Should Art Be Above A Queen Sized Bed?

As a general rule, you should aim for your artwork to be 4/7 to 3/4 the size of your queen bed. According to this ratio, a queen-sized bed should have art that is between 34 and 45 inches wide on average.

The width of the artwork above your queen bed is ultimately not governed by any firm legal standards. There are, however, a few overarching principles that have emerged.

How High Of Art Should Be Displayed Over A Queen-sized Bed?

Not only will you want to know how wide it should be, but also how tall, when you are looking for the ideal piece of art to hang above your queen bed. There are formulas and ratios for artwork width, but there are fewer rules for height that you can adhere to.

The general rule of thumb for art placement above beds is that it should be 8 to 10 inches above the headboard or footboard. You get to choose whether you want a shorter, horizontal landscape piece of art or a taller, more imposing one.

The best places for taller, more opulent artworks are spaces with very high ceilings. As a result, the area around your bed won’t look overly crowded when you have a large statement piece of art there. If you want to cover up an unsightly wall or some other flaws, a tall piece of art is another excellent choice.

Headboard Over The Bed And Artwork No Headboard

You must take your headboard—or lack thereof—into account when choosing art to hang over your bed. If your bed has a headboard, you will have less free space above it and will need to choose art with more precise dimensions.

You should seek out artwork that is wide but not as tall for queen beds that have an attached headboard. When you have a tall bed frame and headboard and low ceilings, this is especially crucial. Picture long, thin, wide pieces of art. You can have space between the headboard and the artwork as well as between the artwork and the ceiling thanks to the shape of the room. There are more shapes to choose from if your ceilings are higher.

Remember that the 8 to 10 inch rule still applies if you don’t have a headboard. As a matter of fact, be sure to hang your art high enough so that your body does not brush against it while you are reading or sitting up to sleep. If you’re unsure of the ideal height for your artwork, think about how high most pieces of art are typically hung. See more about What Size Rug For Under King Bed

How Far Should You Hang Art Above Your Bed?

Regarding the precise height at which artwork should be displayed in general, there are widely accepted conventions. Art is typically exhibited at a height of about 58 inches. Most art galleries and museums hang pieces at this height. The majority of adults can stand and view art at eye level without having to significantly adjust their necks.

Even though this rule generally applies, hanging art above furniture frequently necessitates a few small adjustments. A piece of furniture and an item of art should be spaced apart by 6 to 12 inches, according to the general rule. There are three questions you should ask yourself before beginning to drill holes in your wall, even though this rule generally works well. See more about What Size Area Rug Under Queen Bed?

How High Is The Bed?

The height at which they rest can differ significantly, despite the fact that all seen beds are the same width. Some beds, as an illustration, are resting directly on the ground. This is typical of some contemporary Eastern design trends.

Other beds rest two to three feet off the ground on conventional frames. Even other beds have lofts or high frames with storage space underneath. Always leave a minimum of 6 to 8 inches between the bed and the art, keeping this factor in mind.

Is There A Headboard?

A head board, as previously mentioned, will affect the size and positioning of art above your queen-sized bed. Naturally, the artwork must be hung above a headboard. Even though the headboard serves as a natural barrier between the bed and the artwork, you should still leave the customary 8 to 10 inches between them.

What Is The Height Of The Artwork You Want To Mount?

Although it is recommended that artwork be displayed at a distance of 58 inches, this can be challenging if the piece you are hanging is very tall. Do your best to anchor the focal point, which is typically the artwork’s center, at the 58-inch mark if you bought a tall piece of art to hang above your bed. If accuracy is impossible, try to locate a location nearby.

Alternatively, you can use the bed’s height and the ceiling as anchor points. In order to create balance, leave as much equal space as you can between the two points.

Room Size Effects Art You Hang Above Your Bed

The size of the art that should hang over your queen bed depends on the size of your room. Your room’s ceiling height is the main determinant of the size of your wall art. The height of the ceiling is a major factor in the maximum height of art.

There are no real restrictions on how tall your art should be, despite the fact that the standard width is largely established. If your room is spacious and tall, hanging a tall piece of art over your bed will make a real statement.

You might even consider breaking some of the rules if your bed is in a very large room. A large-scale piece of art would look great above a queen bed with a long wall serving as the backdrop. Consider building a gallery wall as well. Individual works of art are displayed in each frame of a gallery wall, which consists of several framed pieces of art grouped together to create an overall, expansive, flowing concept. These work well when you have enough wall space and a creative idea.

Art Size Above Queen Bed All You Want To Know
Art Size Above Queen Bed: All You Want To Know

Should A Bed Be Wider Than An Art?

Artwork shouldn’t be wider than a bed, though. A bed is typically 80 by 60 inches, so an artwork that is wider than that would not be able to fit on the wall above a bed. When hanging art, it’s crucial to take the room’s dimensions and furniture into account to avoid having the piece look out of place or overpower the room.

Which Type Of Artwork Belongs Above A Bed?

This question cannot be answered with certainty because it is based on individual preferences. Some people might prefer to hang a painting or a photo above their bed, while others might prefer something more abstract, like a sculpture or a piece of pottery. Really, all that matters is what you prefer and what blends in with the rest of your bedroom’s decor.

3 Pictures Above Queen Bed

Three pictures hung above your queen bed are a great way to add a little extra to your bedroom. A room can feel much more polished and deliberate by using this straightforward design technique. Furthermore, it’s an excellent way to display some of your favorite pieces of art or photographs.

You must choose how your three pictures will be arranged before you can move forward. Two pictures on either side of a focal point can be hung symmetrically for a balanced appearance, or one picture can be hung off to the side for an asymmetrical appearance. Whichever option you select, make sure the pictures are evenly spaced apart.

It’s time to hang your pictures once you’ve decided on your arrangement! Picture hangers are the most effective tool for this. Picture hangers are tiny hooks that you screw into your frame’s back.

Just hammer the hanger into the wall at that point. Your photos will be straight and evenly spaced thanks to this. When choosing pictures, if you’re not sure where to begin, try looking for pieces of art that are representative of your individual taste.

24×36 Canvas Over Queen Bed

A 24 x 36 canvas could be hung above your queen bed if you’re looking for a dramatic way to make a statement in your bedroom. Your space will have a luxurious, polished appearance thanks to this large-scale piece of art, which will become the center of attention in the space. Additionally, it’s a great way to cover a blank wall and add coziness and warmth to your bedroom.

Make sure to pick a canvas that blends in with the overall design and color scheme of the bedroom when choosing a 24×36 canvas for the space. You don’t want it to stand out like a sore thumb! If you’re unsure of where to begin, consider looking through a few online shops or art galleries to get a sense of what’s available.

It’s time to hang your ideal 24 x 36 canvas once you’ve found it! Ask a friend or member of your family for assistance if you are unsure of your ability to complete this task on your own. Before standing back to appreciate your work, check that the canvas is level and secure.

Consider hanging a 24×36 canvas above your queen bed if you want to upgrade the look of your bedroom decor.

Ideal Art Size Above Full Bed

There are a few considerations to make when choosing the best art size to hang above your full bed. The height of your bed comes first. Make sure the art is high enough to be seen while standing in front of it.

The size of your bed is the second. Make sure the artwork is large enough so that it doesn’t appear out of proportion. The art’s scope is the third factor.

Make sure the art is the appropriate scale for the room as a whole. Fourth, you should think about the artwork’s style. You should choose artwork in a more traditional style if your bed is of a more traditional design.

Consider choosing art in a more contemporary style if your bed is more contemporary in design. Make sure it looks good and harmonizes well with the rest of the room, whatever you decide.

A King Size Bed: Best Size Art

Keep in mind our design principles when choosing the artwork for the wall above your king-size bed. The artwork should be between 50 and 80 percent of the width of the headboard. 80 inches or so is the average width of a king-size headboard. Consequently, for a king bed, you should aim for an art that is between 40 and 64 inches. What a huge piece of art! King-sized beds offer the most playing space. You can pair up pieces of art and decor to make groups of two, three, or even four.

However, when choosing the size of your canvas, be sure to consider the height of your ceiling! Your artwork typically gets taller as it becomes wider. When using large canvas prints, make sure the top of the art is hanging at least 18″ from the top of your walls. One of the reasons we’ve grown to love the ultrawide art print, or the 22 x 55 art as shown below, is that it avoids problems with art size. This maintains a low profile while still adequately filling the bed’s size. You have a lot of leeway in what kind of art you choose.

A Twin Bed: Best Size Art

You can have so much fun decorating twin size beds! Particularly when working with two people in the same room. When placing art over two twin beds in a room, give symmetry top consideration. Make sure the pieces are both the same size but not an exact replica of one another. In keeping with balance, this will give it a little more individuality. Once more, we’ll keep in mind our design guidelines when choosing the artwork to hang over your twin-size bed. A headboard’s width plus 50–80% should be the size of the artwork. At only 42 inches wide, twin size headboards are incredibly small. So, for a twin bed, your art should be between 22 and 33 inches.

My preferred canvas for “breaking the rules” with my art involves a twin bed, going just a little over or undersized. Twin-size beds are most likely found in children’s bedrooms, so it’s safe to assume that these areas are more imaginative and playful. Going undersize with your art will look good over a twin bed, especially if the twin beds are a part of bunk beds or have a decorative background like wallpaper. The artwork in these areas does not need to be the “star of the show” or exert as much effort as the artwork over queen or king-size beds. So, if you needed authorization to break the law, you now have it!


You’re not the only one who wonders what size art should hang above a queen bed. It’s a frequent query, and there are a few things to consider. As a starting point, the art should ideally be about two-thirds the width of the bed.

Therefore, your artwork should be about 40 inches wide if your bed is 60 inches wide. There is always the option to go bigger or smaller, depending on your preferences and the size of the space. Just make sure the artwork is in proportion to the bed and doesn’t appear too large or too small.

The level of the art is something else to take into account. It shouldn’t be too low because then it will appear to be floating above the bed. It will be challenging to see from a standing position, so you don’t want to set it too high.

As a general rule, the bottom of the frame should be hung about six inches above the top of the bed when hanging art. This will give you the ideal balance of being able to view the art from both a standing and a sitting position.

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