The Family Tree Car: Description

The Family Tree Car Description

The second episode of Infinity Train’s second season and its 12th overall is titled “The Family Tree Car.” On January 6, 2020, it aired. Followings will tell  you description of the family tree car.

Family Tree Of The Family Tree Car

The real automobile is a huge tree that lies beneath the surface or canopy. The tree’s trunk is enormous, and from it branch out numerous, different-sized branches that are covered in enormous leaves.

Speaking wooden portraits of the Gillicutty and Trundleshank families, who are tired of having to share a tree with each other because their younger relatives have married each other, are painted on the trunk and main branches of the tree.

If the arguers are not already formed of wood or metal, argument makes branches grow and ensnares them, and they will transform to wood if not.

Plot Of The Family Tree Car

M.T. and Jesse find themselves on top of a huge tree after descending through the hole Alan Dracula fell through. The tree is made up of branches with living alcoves to family members of the Trumbleshanks and Gillicuty families, who hate one another yet must share the tree because one of their relatives got married to the other. While Jesse wants to make amends with the families, M.T. wants to descend to the bottom to find Alan. But his concern with giving in to both sides’ arguments only exacerbates the tension between the families. As they quarrel, they become aware that the tree is engulfing them and turning Jesse into wood. The tree leaves when they start complimenting one another.

Surface Of The Family Tree Car

The Family Tree Car Description
The Family Tree Car Description

the Family Tree’s outermost level Car is a dense forest full of trees that move in the breeze. Like Earth, it has a cycle of day and night. The ground appears to be completely covered in enormous fall-colored leaves from the trees. Actually, the enormous Family Tree’s canopy is the ground.

Base Of The Family Tree Car

The enormous trunk that serves as the Family Tree Car’s foundation is decorated with a wooden portrait of the married couple who married into the two families and formed one new family. Large roots branch out into a flat, hazy emptiness.


Above is a description of the family tree car. Hope you enjoy these. Thank you for reading.