Home Tanning Lamp: Interesting Discoveries

Information About Home Tanning Lamp

Let us assist you in choosing the appropriate lamp for your tanning system. For your tanning bed, create your own lamp package. Followings will tell you information about home tanning lamps.

How Do Tanning Lamps Work?

Tanning lamps work really well to get a golden tan. This is due to the fact that UV lamps contribute to the synthesis of UV radiation, which increases the formation of melanin (much like when you are exposed to the sun). Additionally, when you produce a lot of melanin, your skin tans since your skin’s color is a function of your melanin level.

Effects Of Home Tanning Lamp

As a tanner, it’s crucial to understand the tanning process so that you can clearly make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing new lamps. Your skin is the largest organ of the body. Designed to protect your internal organs and keep out germs, bacteria, and other harmful substances. It also protects you from the damage that can be caused by UV light rays. We all need some UV light in order to be healthy, but too much of it can lead to sunburn, which is your body’s way of beginning the healing process when you are overexposed to light.

The cells that help the skin tan are the cells that produce melanin in all layers of the skin. Melanin is a pigment that helps filter out ultraviolet rays. When you tan your skin, your body’s melanocytes produce melanin to protect your skin and internal organs from damage. Melanocytes can only produce so much melanin at a time. However, if you stay in the sun or tanning bed and exceed the melanin production point, burns will occur. If you tan regularly for a short time, you can let melanocytes recover during the tanning process, so that they can produce melanin again. This is why over time there is a deep tan: in fact, if you tan two or three times a week at short intervals, you will get a deeper and more uniform Tan, rather than just in the sun for a period of time equivalent to the same time. You are also unlikely to burn because your melanocytes produce a lot of melanin every time.

Top Picks For Home Tanning Lamps In A Glance

1.) Select the number of lamps you want to buy in the Products Filter at the top.

2.) Choose your tanning lamps’ wattage. Do your old lamps mention 80W, for example. 100W, 120W, 140W, 160W, 180W, 200W, or 220W

3.) Decide the kind of light ends to use with your existing set of lamps. I.e., Do you have RDC or Bi-Pin?

4.) Determine the length of your existing lamps; if you need assistance, chat with us or refer to the example below.

5.) Choose your tanning lights’ intensity in a matter of minutes. The lamp gets stronger the shorter the period is. See illustrations for details on how to pick the ideal lamp for your skin.

Information About Home Tanning Lamp
Information About Home Tanning Lamp

UVA & UVB Light

Understanding UVA and UVB Light, Sunlight and tanning bed lights both produce UVA and UVB rays. UVA light penetrates deeper, promoting a long-lasting tan. It’s also less likely to produce a burn. UVB light doesn’t go as deep into the skin layers and tends to cause premature sunburn. When you are in the sun, you can’t regulate how much UVA vs. UVB light you are getting, but tanning beds are designed to address this issue. Your skin tans primarily with UVA light in tanning beds, as the more harmful UVB light, is filtered out to protect your skin.

Are Facial Tanning Lamps Safe To Use?

Yes, facial tanning lights are a fantastic and rapid technique to tan your face. This works well if you have meetings or just don’t want to get a full-body tan. And you shouldn’t worry about the high UVA radiation because most facial lamps feature UV filters to protect your skin.

Upgrade To The Newest Lamp Technology

Now available in 100-120-160 Watts, True Bronzing Reflector Technology is often found in bigger Mega Beds in neighborhood salons. You will immediately change your outdated tanning system to the most recent lamp technology since they will give 30 to 50 percent more UVA than any standard lamp. 100% of the UV Output is directed straight to your skin via the Built-In Reflector. When switching from a non-reflector full coat lamp, you must reduce your exposure duration by 20.30 percent.


Tanning lamps are highly useful and convenient because they let you achieve your gorgeous bronze at home, They are really helpful if you have an upcoming event and are too busy to organize a tanning treatment. I’ll go over the top tanning lights available and explain why they’re so amazing so you can decide one is ideal for you. Before we get into the lovely details, let’s take a brief look at our top picks.