Family Services Care Management: Given Information

Basic Knowledge About Family Services Care Management

In order to stabilize and enhance their general health, care managers work with children, youth, and adults to coordinate medical, mental health, and/or drug misuse services as well as connect individuals and family members to other community resources and support services.

What Does A Family Care Manager Do?

Family services care management includes comprehensive assessment and nursing planning, nursing coordination and health promotion, comprehensive transition services, customer and family support services, and referral to community and social support services.

  • Meet with customers face to face during the month and talk to indirect contacts as needed
  • Coordinate customer care through effective communication with other suppliers, and determine the goals and services provided to customers
  • Promote on behalf of customers and let them get the care they deserve
  • Assist in navigating the medical system to improve results
  • Connect customers with community resources, including housing, food, clothing, transportation, etc.
  • Assist in meaningful activity education for customers to improve their overall physical, social and mental health needs
Basic Knowledge About Family Services Care Management
Basic Knowledge About Family Services Care Management

Who Qualifies A Family Services Care Management?

Two qualifying chronic disorders, such as substance use disorder, mental health diagnosis, BMI above 25, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, and numerous more severe chronic illnesses

If the aforementioned requirements are met, risk elements must also exist and be determined by the agency.

Concerning Family Service Centers

FSCs are community-based social services that assist families and people who are low-income and/or vulnerable and in need of social and emotional assistance. The FSCs’ social work practitioners offer case management assistance for people with family, money, housing, employment, and other social difficulties. Additionally, FSCs collaborate with other organizations to offer comprehensive support to people and families as they strive for social mobility, stability, and independence.

Around Singapore, there are 48 FSCs located in HDB towns. FSCs are backed up by:

  • Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF),
  • National Council of Social Service (NCSS), and
  • Singapore Totalisator Board.

Is A Family Services Care Management Necessary For Me?

A child or young adult may visit a variety of healthcare providers from various organizations and in various settings. Coordinating all of that care can be very challenging. A Care Manager is on hand to assist you when you use SCO Care Management. He or she will see to it that everyone is well aware of the requirements, objectives, and development of your family member. Better outcomes, better care, and a reduction in ER visits will follow from this.


Family Services Care Management promotes family wellness (children and adult family members.) For qualified participants, a Family Services Care Manager can assist in managing and coordinating their requirements for behavioral health, medical care, and other services. Consider a care manager as your go-to person for any questions regarding the care of your child.